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4th and 23....what do you do?


Goal Goal USA!
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4th down. 23 to go. down by 3. 40 seconds left. ball on your own 5. you are the heralded QB. what do you do?

A. Shotgun formation, send 2 WRs deep, 2 who cross to the middle to at least pick up the first down.

B. Hail Mary, send em all deep and chuck it long.

C. Max protect, send your best WR deep.

D. try to run for the first down, and run out of bounds well before the original line of scrimmage.

If you picked D, you could be the starting QB for Boston College, drawing comparisons to their last heisman QB! GOOD JOB!
I thought Malone's Heisman campaign was in serious trouble with that BYU punter laying out the punt returner twice (and I mean LAYING OUT), but then the guy missed the game-winning FG.

Now if we can find a flaw with this Nugent character...
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I'd pick (a) and at least get to the 50 yard line and then have
NuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuGGGee kicks it (yes he can make it!!!) Cuz only team I'd ever play for was OSU.
Then I'd do my happy dance with my wife and kids . :groove:

:banger: NuuuuGE for Heisman :banger:
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