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LGHL 4-star RB Todd Sibley flips from Ohio State to Pitt

Charles Doss

4-star RB Todd Sibley flips from Ohio State to Pitt
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


The Akron native, as widely expected, will play his college football elsewhere.

In recruiting nothing is guaranteed until you sign your national letter of intent. After recently having his full ride scholarship revoked in a number crunch for a less attractive greyshirt option, longtime Ohio State pledge Todd Sibley has announced he is no longer a part of the Buckeyes class of 2017 and has flipped his commitment to Pitt.

Sibley, who was verbally committed to Ohio State since April of 2015, opens his recruitment with a number of potential suitors involved in his recruitment. Choosing Ohio State early in the process, the four-star rated Akron Archbishop Hoban product held scholarship offers from programs such as Michigan, and Kentucky, but now has offers from the likes of Pittsburgh, and Iowa State on the table.

With Sibley, a high school teammate of current OSU quarterback pledge Danny Clark, no longer penciled in as a future Buckeye, the Ohio State class of 2017 is back down to 13 commitments with nearly eight months until signing day. Still looking to bring a running back into the fold alongside JK Dobbins, Ohio State will shift their attention fully to prospects such as Cam Akers, and Ty Chandler, just two of the many recruits currently high on the Buckeyes. Who will they sign? Only time will tell.

The team at Land-Grant Holy Land wishes Todd Sibley nothing but the best in his future endeavors.

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