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LGHL 4-star corner Damar Hamlin commits to Pitt over Ohio State

Matt Brown

4-star corner Damar Hamlin commits to Pitt over Ohio State
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


A big time defensive backfield target is now off the board for the Buckeyes.

Ohio State already has four defensive backs committed for the 2016 class in Wayne Davis, Kareem Felder, Jahsen Wint, and Rodjay Burns, and is still in the mix for at least one more. But one of their biggest targets is now off the board, as four star cornerback Damar Hamlin has committed to Pitt.

The 6'1, 175-pound Hamlin, out of Pittsburgh, was thought to be a Pitt lean throughout the process, but Ohio State closed a lot of ground near the end of the recruiting cycle, making this a competitive race. Hamlin is currently ranked as the 148th best prospect nationally, the 14th ranked CB, and the third ranked prospect in all of Pennsylvania.

Hamlin also had offers from Notre Dame, UCLA, Auburn, Clemson, Stanford, and virtually everybody in the Big Ten, including Michigan and Penn State.

Ohio State could still land a highly coveted defensive back tonight, as fellow four-star defensive back Jordan Fuller will decide between Ohio State and Michigan at 7 p.m. ET tonight. While the Buckeyes entered the Hamlin race as slight underdogs, most analysts seem to think Ohio State is a slight favorite to land Fuller.

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