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kid probaly has some gold toofs
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

That's ridiculous. These women always say that they need this much money to "maintain my (or my children's) standard of living". Bullshit. Nobody, and I mean nobody, needs $35K/month to raise a kid. If I was P-shitty, I'd fight that big-time.

On the other hand, I fucking hate P-shitty, so I couldn't care less if he's getting screwed over child support.
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BIATCHabutuka said:
you should be able to offer 100% of the cost of an abortion and if it is declined you are relieved of any obligations.

So you be able to slaughter an innocent unborn just to save on child support. Sounds like someone did a partial-birth abortion on you when you were in the womb, but they only got your head. :roll1:
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this has a basis in the law of the land though obviously not in family law.

there is an accident and basically by having the child the woman racking up damages above and beyond the minimum cost (the abortion).

not passing any judgment on abortion either way but it is legal and it is her option. if she chooses not to have an abortion shouldn't she be responsible for the financial costs flowing from that decision? the man has no rights in this situation at all?
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