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3000+ members already!


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Today we broke the 3000 member mark, I wasn't around to see who it actually was, but I think it was Bucky_Katt. I can't believe how much this site has grown in such a short time. I am just starting this thread to thank everyone here, where I [strike]waste[/strike] spend all my online time at, for making it such a great place. Here's to another year and 3000 more members. :beer:


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  • Hubbard said:
    I can't believe how much this site has grown in such a short time.

    That's mostly due to C-Dog's locking down the site to members only during the end of the recruting stretch. We had around 2,200 members when he did that a few weeks back. I remember noticing once that we had like over 100 people join in a single day.
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    Thump said:
    I got my brother to join a few days ago.

    I also got tyrus3 to find his way over here.

    Pfffftttt...two people??? Pussies....

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