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LGHL 3 Ohio State football players join the track and field team

Alexis Chassen

3 Ohio State football players join the track and field team
Alexis Chassen
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Nothing wrong with being a well-rounded athlete.

The Ohio State track and field team just got a big boost in manpower with the additions of Dontre Wilson, James Clark and Robert Landers. These three young football players have loads of track experience from high school and are looking to put that to good use for the Buckeyes.

Halfback Dontre Wilson is fresh off announcing his return to college, and is now adding another skill to his resume. Highly regarded as one of the fastest Buckeyes on the football team, Wilson has three years of high school track experience under his belt, and will be able to work out any lingering foot issues along the way.

Wide receiver James Clark is no stranger to the track, having earned fifth in the 100-meter dash and sixth in the 200-meter dash at the 2012 Florida Outdoor Championships. His personal-best times include 10.43 in the 100 and 21.51 in the 200. He has yet to see much playing time on the football field, but with plenty of space in the depth chart in 2016, Clark could have a head start on some of his competition.

Defensive tackle Robert Landers just capped off his freshman season with the Buckeyes and will be heading back to a place he's already found success. In high school, Landers was a two-time state champion, once as a junior (in shot put), and once as an indoor champion in shot put his senior year.

"We're excited to have our football players join the track and field program," Karen Dennis, director of track & field/cross country, announced Tuesday. "I appreciate Coach Meyer and his staff working Landers, Wilson and Clark into our training schedule in an effort to strengthen our men's program. We realize the indoor season is short and these men have a major responsibility to football. However, they are all talented athletes that may help us in the throwing and sprint events. They have some work to do to get their ‘track legs' back, but work is something they are very familiar with."

These Buckeyes are working their way to being stronger, faster and better all around athletes.

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