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2021 ttun Shenanigans, Arguments, Surrender Cobras, Feckless Marmots, and Quitty Cowards

Which scUM QB transfers first?

  • McNamara

    Votes: 23 45.1%
  • McCarthy

    Votes: 28 54.9%

  • Total voters
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Its a new year, and as such we should take time to consider the past year and take its lessons to make resolutions for the next 365 days. As such, my new years 2021 resolution is to stop being so hateful and mocking to tsun and its ugly, smelly, stupid fans. I can't keep bringing up how much they suck, or what cowards they are, or how stupid the fans are for buying the offseason hype year after year. I dont want to dwell on how arrogant they are or what hypocritical assholes they continue to be. No its time to let all that go and look forward not backward. And as I look forward into 2021 I see I vision. Its a vision of a sea of red taking over the shit hole those miserable cowardly fucks call a stadium as Ryan Days' buckeyes #hang100 on dumbass harbaugh. Anyway I hope every buckeye fan will follow my lead in resolving to never let those yellow bellied cowardly fuckwits forget that they ran away from an epic beat down. Those who stay will look for excuses not to play. Fuck tsun.

I may have forgotten what my resolution was at some point.
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