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LGHL 2017 QB or 2018 QB? Which is your Ohio State commit of the week?

Charles Doss

2017 QB or 2018 QB? Which is your Ohio State commit of the week?
Charles Doss
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Which future Buckeye did enough to get your vote this week?

Your voice was definitely heard last weekend. Five players were up for it, but only one could be named the MVP for Week 1 of high school football.

After racking up over 280 total yards and two touchdowns, including a 1-yard run and a 2-point conversion pass in the final minute of game play to give Olentangy Liberty a 30-29 win over North Allegheny (PA), Ohio State class of 2017 pledge Brendon White ran away with the Land-Grant Holy Land Player of the Week.

White, a four-star prospect, who is talented enough to play on either side of the ball at Ohio State, beat out future Buckeye teammates Tate Martell (15%), Trevon Grimes (13%), Danny Clark (7%), and Wyatt Davis (5%) with 61% of your votes.

Football never sleeps, of course, and neither do we. Just like White, Martell, and rest of the Ohio State verbal commits were over the last few days, Land-Grant Holy Land is back at it, and once again wants to hear from you.

Leading their program on the field, which OSU pledge did enough to grab your MVP vote this time around? The poll is now open. Here are your five Week 2 nominees:

Brendon White

For the second week in a row, White and Olentangy Liberty needed a late drive to escape with a win. While it wasn't in the final seconds like against North Allegheny (PA), a late rushing score by the Patriots pushed them past Cleveland Glenville, 24-20.

Playing quarterback, White, who could end up on the defensive side of the ball at OSU, didn't have his best game through the air, completing just 10 of his 21 passing attempts for 73 yards, with no touchdowns, and a near game changing interception that was returned by Glenville for a score.

Although his night might not have went as planned in that aspect of the game, White still finished the evening with a pretty stellar stat sheet. Displaying his athletic ability, the four-star talent toted the rock 27 times for a game leading 137 yards and a touchdown.

Rarely leaving the field for the Patriots, White also recovered a fumble on defense in the Olentangy Liberty win.

Tate Martell

Leaving exactly where he left off last week, the class of 2017 OSU pledge, was a major factor in Bishop Gorman (NV) rolling past former Buckeye commit Bruce Judson and Cocoa (FL) on Friday night.

In the 46-10 Bishop Gorman blowout win, Martell, a four-star prospect, once again caused havoc with his arm and legs. Going 13 of 21 for 273 yards and four touchdowns, his night wasn't done there.

Playing without star running back Biaggio Ali Walsh due to injury, the future Buckeye ended the evening as the Gaels leading rusher, finishing the game with 87 yards and another touchdown.

Emory Jones

Martell wasn't the only soon-to-be Ohio State signal caller to come up huge on Friday. A lot like Martell, the Buckeyes class of 2018 quarterback commit sure didn't disappoint, leading his squad to a runaway victory.

Racking up over 400 total yards, Jones was definitely the top player on the field all night. Through the air, the four-star standout accounted for 312 yards and five touchdowns while chipping in another 112 rushing yards on just six carries.

With Friday's 41-28 win over New Manchester (GA), Jones and Heard County (GA) are sitting 2-0 on the young season.

Josh Myers

The big guys don't usually get much love, but after a more than stellar outing against Chaminade Julienne, a future Buckeye and his teammates deserve some major credit. Josh Myers, a class of 2017 OSU commit, and the rest of the Miamisburg offensive line led the Vikings to nearly 350 total rushing yards on Friday.

Dominating Chaminade Julienne from the kickoff, Myers and crew were key in Tony Clark busting for a team high 118 yards in the 53-7 route.

Wyatt Davis

Like Myers and the Miamisburg line, Davis and his counterparts were also busy blocking their squad to an outstanding night on the ground.

Shutting out a solid La Mirada (CA) team, 34-0, the St. John Bosco offense went for over 600 yards of total offense which included 254 rushing yards by senior running back Terrance Beasley.

Currently sitting 2-0, Davis, and crew will take on fellow OSU commits Tate Martell, Haskell Garett, and Bishop Gorman (NV) next Friday.

Who is your Week 2 MVP?

  • Brendon White
  • Tate Martell
  • Emory Jones
  • Josh Myers
  • Wyatt Davis

1 votes | Results

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