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LGHL 2017 5-star OG Wyatt Davis commits to Ohio State

Matt Brown

2017 5-star OG Wyatt Davis commits to Ohio State
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Thanks to some recent Alabama commitments, Ohio State lost their grip on the top recruiting class in the country. Now, they’ve grabbed it back, thanks to a massive reinforcement from an unlikely place.

Wyatt Davis, the top ranked guard in the country, and a five-star prospect, has committed to Ohio State, per multiple reports.

It wouldn’t be a huge commitment without the requisite BOOM as well:


B MMMMMM!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/o65nSwY95K

— Mark Pantoni (@markpantoni) June 24, 2016

The 6’5, 310 pound Davis, from Bellflower, CA, picked Ohio State over virtually every top program in the country. He was being pursued especially hard by Notre Dame, UCLA and Alabama, although he also reported offers from Michigan, and a slew of Pac-12 and SEC programs. He is listed as the 14th best recruit in the country, and the 5th best player in California, per 247 Sports.

Davis gives the Buckeyes a truly amazing offensive line recruiting class, as Ohio State already secured the commitment of Josh Meyers, a five-star recruit who is listed as the top tackle in the country. They also have four-star Jake Moretti, a top 60 prospect at tackle from Colorado. This threesome should give Ohio State’s offensive line a powerful foundation for years to come.

Our analyst, Christopher Jason, had a closer look at his tape. Here’s what he thinks:

Wyatt Davis is a grown man, standing at 6’5” and 310 lbs as the No. 1 ranked guard on 247’s Composite Rankings. Davis is a physical, throwback lineman with a high football IQ, who excels as both a run and pass blocker. He primarily played left tackle his junior year, but he will almost certainly play guard in Columbus.

Davis is an exciting prospect to watch as a run blocker, as he mauls good competition while playing for powerhouse St. John Bosco in Bellflower, CA. Davis shoots low out of his stance, delivers a violent initial pop to the defender and drives him back to the second level. He keeps his pads lower than his opponent and continuously finishes his blocks with aggression. There’s a good chance that Davis’ opponent is laying on the ground when the whistle blows. When his job is to get to the second level, Wyatt Davis uses his athleticism to get to the second level and stick to the defender. Davis’ blend of size and athleticism is elite, which makes him an excellent run blocker.

When watching Davis’ tape as a pass blocker, it is easy to forget that he is only a junior in high school. Wyatt Davis possesses great footwork, which allows him to get into a strong base and use his long arms to engage in battle. He does a good job of using his arms to keep the defender away from his body and allow space between himself and the pass rusher. His athleticism allows him to move side-to-side with ease and that ability will only help when facing the elite speed rushers of college football. His pass rush technique is excellent for a high school junior and he will only improve next season and even more once he gets to Columbus in 2017.

Overall, Wyatt Davis is a special talent on the offensive line and he is one of the more polished offensive line prospects that Urban Meyer has recruited to Ohio State. Davis’ measurables and his athleticism will allow him to get early playing time for the Buckeyes. Expect him to be a household name and one of the better guards in the Big Ten by the end of his second playing season.

With this commitment, the Buckeyes are back to 14 commitments in the class of 2017. With space at a tight premium, the next few weeks should be interesting, to see which players hop in the boat at wideout, defensive back, and other positions. It’s fair to say, Ohio State’s next commitment should be another elite prospect.

You can see highlights of Davis in action here:

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