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2016 TSUN Spring Game (6 pm BTN)

McCray cleans up with the sack after the millionth pass pro breakdown by kalis during his career at um.

Next play a nice fade throw to Drake Harris. Will he break through or move on? Chatter about him being asked to medical last year, and he's been injured for most of his career since his junior year in hs.
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McCray falls asleep on the double pass for a TD. You'd think a two qb formation would be a slight tipoff. Not two guys capable of throwing. Two qbs incapable of running,
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Will be aired on Btn2go. The Btn [Zeke] will cut out partway through to cover gymnastics. The atmosphere is getting pretty wild

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Seems like Harbaugh the genius is throwing a bunch of bullshit trick plays out there this spring- to entertain fans? To throw off opposing d coordinators?

Being competent at basic plays is overrated.
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Ty Isaac has a 30 yd run with absolutely no one nearby until peppers forces him out downfield.

Then butt runs a simple drag route into a triple pick, which wasn't needed as badly as the defense is playing
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Kareem Walker is very eager to make a reception, bailing almost immediately on every down, despite all of them being passing downs.

Shane is his usual self, big arm, solid athlete, erratic accuracy. Dymonte Thomas with the diving INT vs a walkon on a hail mary.

I'd be surprised to see Morris at Michigan this fall, but then I was surprised to see them redshirt him.
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