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LGHL 2016 NIT selection show: TV channel, time and Ohio State bracket predictions

Matt Brown

2016 NIT selection show: TV channel, time and Ohio State bracket predictions
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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Ohio State will almost certainly be playing in the NIT. Here's how to follow along, and who they might be playing.

After failing to upset Michigan State in the Big Ten Tournament, Ohio States postseason plans are now mostly sealed. The Buckeyes won't be playing in the NCAA Tournament, and will almost certainly be headed to the NIT for the first time since the 2007-2008 season, when they won the dang thing. Exactly who Ohio State will face, and what their route will be toward a tournament championship, gets decided tonight. Here's how to follow along, and get caught up on Ohio State's postseason.

How to watch the NIT selection show

Time: 8:30 p.m. ET
Online: WatchESPN.com

What seed is Ohio State projected to get?

There are three sites that post regularly updated NIT Bracketology. NYC Buckets, updated as of 12:15 a.m. this morning, has a bit of a nightmare scenario for Ohio State. The Buckeyes are slotted in as a three seed, facing Akron. The top seed in their region is San Diego State, a squad who still claims some NCAA hopes, but complicated things when they lost to Fresno State in the MWC Championship game. Other teams in the region include Valpo, BYU and Washington. SDSU, Valpo and BYU present some matchup problems for Ohio State, and Akron is a good team as well. The Buckeyes losing an early round game to an in-state program might be the single worst case scenario for Ohio State. Let's hope that one doesn't happen.

The Bracket Project has Ohio State slotted as a four seed against Virginia Tech, but also hasn't been updated since March 11th. Other teams in OSU's region include Florida, Florida State, Temple and Ole Miss. If this bracket projection is updated before the Selection Show, we'll update it. I feel like I speak for most Buckeye fans when I say that I don't want Ohio State to play Virginia Tech in anything, ever again.

DRatings is the other NIT projection site. They've been a little more down on Ohio State throughout this process, and they have the Buckeyes as the last five seed, and one of the last at-large teams in the entire tournament. Ohio State would play Georgia in this projection, but on the road.

Is it possible for Ohio State to miss the NIT?

It would be pretty unlikely, but it might be possible. Any team that wins their conference regular season title, but does not win their conference tournament is guaranteed a spot in the NIT (unless, of course, they get an NCAA bid). There have been a ton of upsets in the smaller conferences, meaning there won't be as many at-large NIT bids available this season. If Louisiana-Monroe upsets Arkansas-Little Rock in the Sun Belt Championship today, that would remove another at-large bid from the NIT. If Memphis upset UConn in The American championship, that could potentially also remove another NIT spot (if UConn is moved into the NIT field).

If Ohio State really is as low on the NIT pecking order as DRatings projects, it is possible the Buckeyes get left out, although that would be pretty unlikely. Still, root for Arkansas-Little Rock today, just to be safe.

Who are the other teams that we know are going to be in the NIT?

Here are the teams that are guaranteed auto-bids in the NIT so far:

Lost conference tourney and NIT-bound

  1. Atlantic Sun: North Florida
  2. Big South: High Point
  3. Colonial Athletic Association: Hofstra
  4. Conference USA: UAB
  5. Horizon League: Valparaiso
  6. Mid-American: Akron
  7. Northeast: Wagner
  8. Ohio Valley: Belmont
  9. Patriot League: Bucknell
  10. SWAC: Texas Southern
  11. Summit League: IPFW
There are four other teams that lost their conference tourney, but might still get NCAA bids. Don't be surprised to see any of these teams in the NIT as well though:

Lost conference tourney but on the bubble for NCAA

  1. American: Temple
  2. MAAC: Monmouth
  3. Mountain West: San Diego State
  4. West Coast Conference: St. Mary's

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