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Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

142nd Kentucky Derby: Post Positions and Odds

The field for the running of the 142nd Kentucky Derby, which is scheduled to start Saturday at 6:34 p.m. ET at Churchill Downs.

1. Trojan Nation...P. Gallagher/A. Gryder: 50-1
2. Suddenbreakingnews...D. Von Hemel/L. Quinonez: 10-1
4. Mo Tom...T. Amoss/C. Lanerie: 20-1
5. Gun Runner...S. Asmussen/F. Geroux: 10-1
6. My Man Sam C. Brown/I. Ortiz Jr.: 20-1
7. Oscar Nominated...M. Maker/J. Leparou: 50-1
8. Lani...M. Matsunaga/Y. Take :30-1
9. Destin...T. Pletcher /J. Castellano: 15-1
10. Whitmore...R. Moquett/V. Espinoza: 20-1
11. Exaggerator...Kei. Desormeaux/K. Desormeaux: 8-1
12. Tom's Ready...D. Stewart/B. Hernandez Jr.: 30-1
13. Nyquist...D. O'Neill/M. Gutierrez: 3-1
14. Mohaymen...K. McLaughlin/J. Alvarado: 10-1
15. Outwork T. Pletcher/J. Velazquez: 15-1
16. Shagaf...C. Brown /J. Rosario: 20-1
17. Mor Spirit...B. Baffert/G. Stevens: 12-1
18. Majesto...G. Delgado/E. Jaramillo: 30-1
19. Brody's Cause...D. Romans/L. Saez: 12-1
20. Danzig Candy...C. Sise/M. Smith: 15-1





Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.
Kentucky Derby 2016: How did the horses get their names?


Some Kentucky Derby bettors handicap from past performances and video. Others eye the paddock and post parade.

For many, it’s all about the name. This article is for you.

The Louisville Courier-Journal tracked down as many connections as possible to find meaning behind the monikers of this year’s field:

Gun Runner: David Fiske, who manages racing for Winchell Thoroughbreds, said Ron Winchell simply wanted a name with a kick. Arnold Zetcher did something similar with 2015’s Derby runner-up, Firing Line.

Nyquist: Owner Paul Reddam, a hockey fan, has named a number of his horses after NHL players. This one earned his moniker from Detroit Red Wings star Gustav Nyquist, a player Reddam has never met but respects highly.

Exaggerator: Keith Desormeaux says his girlfriend and assistant, Julie Clark, tends to embellish. “She’s a typical storyteller,” the trainer said. “I said, ‘Julie, I’m going to name a horse after you.’ Sure enough, this is it.”

Outwork: The first son of Uncle Mo to win a race, he showed speed even before then, known to outwork other horses while stabled at New Castle Farm near Ocala, Fla.

Brody’s Cause: Campaigned by Dennis and Susan Albaugh, the colt is named after their nephew, Brody. “And there’s no real big cause,” said trainer Dale Romans. He’s by Giant’s Causeway.

Entire article: http://www.app.com/story/sports/horses/2016/05/06/kentucky-derby-horse-name-origins/84016392/
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Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.
Nyquist wins 142nd Kentucky Derby and remains unbeaten after holding off Exaggerator in second with Gun Runner coming in third.



1. Nyquist (2-1)
Win: $6.60. Place: $4.80. Show: $3.60.

2. Exaggerator (5-1)
Place: $5.40. Show: $4.20.

3. Gun Runner (10-1)
Show: $6.00.

$2 Exacta (13-11): $30.60.
$1 Trifecta (13-11-5): $86.70.
$1 Superfecta (13-11-5-14): $542.10.

4. Mohaymen
5. Suddenbreakingnews
6. Destin
7. Brody's Cause
8. Mo Tom
9. Lani
10. Mor Spirit
11. My Man Sam
12. Tom's Ready
13. Creator
14. Outwork
15. Danzing Candy
16. Trojan Nationa
17. Oscar Nominated
18. Majesto
19. Whitmore
20. Shagaf

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