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LGHL 2016 JUCO guard C.J. Jackson commits to Ohio State

Matt Brown

2016 JUCO guard C.J. Jackson commits to Ohio State
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


Ohio State gets some guard depth in a big way.

Thanks to a rash of transfers, Ohio State basketball finds itself with multiple scholarships, and an urgent need for guards. After all, the Buckeyes only have two true guards on scholarship at the moment, in JaQuan Lyle and Kam Williams, and don't have any committed in the class of 2016.

Well, that's about to change, as 2016 JUCO guard C.J. Jackson, of Eastern Florida State College, tweeted this morning that he had committed to Ohio State.

Jackson, a 6'2 combo guard out of Charlotte, North Carolina, originally committed to George Mason, but opted to head to a JUCO after a coaching change. He averaged 16.9 points per game as a freshman, and had offers from other big name college programs like Cal, Missouri, UConn, UNLV and Seton Hall.

Jackson should be able to help give the Buckeyes some depth as a ballhandler, and also improve their three-point shooting, as he hit 45% from downtown last year. Jackson will have three years of eligibility.

The Buckeyes still have two other open scholarships for 2016, which they could elect to use on a freshman, like Andre Wesson, or a graduate transfer player, like Cullen Neal out of New Mexico. The Buckeyes bringing in another guard in this recruiting class certainly isn't out of the question.

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