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tBBC 2016 Draft: AFC East, Post-Draft Post Script


2016 Draft: AFC East, Post-Draft Post Script
via our good friends at Buckeye Battle Cry
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(Image courtesy hngn.com)

I’m almost done with the 2016 NFL Draft at this point. Almost. I have a few closing comments on this year’s “talent acquisition”* efforts. I’ll skip the New England Patriots and Miami Dolphins since they not only did not acquire any Buckeyes, they made some bizarre, if not entertaining choices. Besides, as a Bills fan, I have a great deal of animus towards these teams, so… That leaves us with Buffalo and New York (Jets). Onward we go.

Buffalo Bills

As you well know by now, the Bills drafted Adolphus Washington and Cardale Jones. The current roster situation sets up well for them sets up well for them. As it turns out, the situation may have tilted quite favorably in Cardale’s favor, due to Bills’ player personnel decisions regarding quarterback EJ Manuel. This means that 2016 is probably EJ’s last season with the Bills. Cardale is now “on the clock”.

Regarding Adolphus Washington? Whether he can produce like “The Dancing Bear” remains to be seen, but AWash’s athleticism would indicate that he can. This is going to be fun to watch Adolphus get playing time.

This was a very good draft for the Bills, but the “talent acquisition” would have worked out better if they’d drafted/signed Jalin Marshall. The Bills lost their slot receiver, Chris Hogan, to the dastardly Patriots. I think that Jalin would have a chance to stick with the Bills; let’s not forget that he had a good on-field chemistry with Cardale.

New York Jets

Again, Darron Lee was a great pick. Hopefully, he’ll be tormenting the New England offense for years to come (what’s not to like?) and in a year or so he’ll be chasing down his former team mate in Buffalo twice a year.

Speaking of Jalin Marshall, the Jets signed him to an UDFA contract. As mentioned, above, I’d have rather seen him in Buffalo, but at least he is getting a legitimate opportunity to make his case that he should be in the NFL. His situation with the Jets is a bit sketchy right now because they really don’t have anyone in place to throw the ball to him. Ryan Fitzpatrick remains a free agent, unsigned at this point. Next up is Geno Smith. The next, Next Up is Bryce Petty. Finally, the Jets drafted PSU’s Christian Hackenberg. Geesh. Good luck, Jalin.

*Draft and subsequent UDFA signings

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