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LGHL 2016 Big Ten baseball tournament bracket: Ohio State will face Michigan in opening round

Matt Brown

2016 Big Ten baseball tournament bracket: Ohio State will face Michigan in opening round
Matt Brown
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
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If Ohio State wants to find a way to make the NCAA Tournament, they'll once again need to go through Michigan.

Ohio State concluded their regular season with another clutch victory over a ranked opponent, a 6-5 victory over the Big Ten regular season champions, Minnesota. Ohio State's NCAA Tournament fate is still unclear, but the Buckeyes are still postseason bound, and they'll participate in the Big Ten Tournament, hoping to solidify their postseason profile. They'll start against the most familiar of foes, the Michigan Wolverines.

Ohio State is the fourth seed in the Big Ten Tournament, and will face fifth seeded Michigan at 10 p.m. ET on Wednesday. The game will be broadcast on BTN. Also on Ohio State's side of the bracket are Minnesota, who earned the top seed in the tournament, and eighth seeded Iowa. Indiana, Maryland, Michigan State and Nebraska will compete on the other side of the bracket.

The Big Ten baseball tournament is a double elimination tournament. If Ohio State is able to beat Michigan again, they'll face the winner of the Minnesota-Iowa game. If they lose, they'll face the loser. The full bracket can be found below.

As of late Saturday night, Ohio State has a sterling 38-17-1 record, but an RPI of only 60. That's a massive improvement of where it was only a few weeks ago, but it likely isn't good enough to earn a tournament bid. If Ohio State is able to pick RPI boosting victories over Michigan and Minnesota again though, their computer profile may be rehabilitated enough to sneak in, even without winning the tournament.

The Buckeyes are a combined 7-2 against Minnesota, Michigan and Iowa, winning a series against each program. Ohio State is also a perfect 3-0 against Michigan this season, sweeping the series in their final Big Ten regular season homestand.

Here's the full Big Ten baseball tournament bracket. Here's hoping that Ohio State can shake off some of the disastrous finishes from the last few seasons, continue their hot streak against quality competition, and a find a way to extend their season.


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