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LGHL 2016 4-star athlete Jordan Fuller commits to Ohio State over Michigan

Caleb Houser

2016 4-star athlete Jordan Fuller commits to Ohio State over Michigan
Caleb Houser
via our friends at Land-Grant Holy Land
Visit their fantastic blog and read the full article (and so much more) here


BOOOOOOOOM! Ohio State lands a huge commit for the 2016 class.

Ohio State's 2016 class just received a major boost as the Buckeyes picked up a commitment from the Garden State. Highly-touted, four-star ATH Jordan Fuller of Westwood, NJ made it known that Ohio State will be his destination to continue his academic and football career.

From the get go, Fuller has been a prospect Urban Meyer and staff have really sought out to bring to Columbus. Ranked by 247Sports as the nation's eighth best athlete and the fourth best prospect overall in the state of New Jersey for 2016, Fuller was a must have for the Buckeyes.

The 6'1, 200-pound athlete can play on both sides of the ball, but was most notably recruited by Ohio State as a defensive back. Jordan had a strong relationship with Ohio State throughout the process and although he had a final four of Michigan, Notre Dame, Penn State, and Ohio State, the Buckeyes were the ones in the end that had the inside track of landing Fuller.

Newly named defensive coach Greg Schiano and cornerbacks coach Kerry Coombs are certainly excited knowing what Jordan will bring to Ohio State.

You can watch Fuller's announcement video here:

And of course Mark Pantoni's requisite BOOM! tweet wasn't far behind:

B MMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/t0yHflWVuo

— Mark Pantoni (@markpantoni) February 2, 2016

To see just what kind of impact Fuller will have for the Buckeyes, you can check out his high school highlights courtesy of Hudl below:

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