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2005 Review

The 2004 recruiting season came to a close and im going to try to get a review of the 2005 recruiting season

QB: Short on supply in Ohio hopefully grab a couple OOS'ers
Tyler Horner
Tyler Dennis
neither are too highly rated

RB: Packed instate but the question is are they big enough
Javon Ringer
Tyrell Sutton
Cedric Tolber
Dennis Underwood
Sutton and Ringer as being the headliners but both have size issues

WR: Multiple D1 prospects here
Mario Manningham
Brian Hartline
Brian Robiskie
Craig Orton
manninghams leaders our scUM and scUM south so we'll prolly lose him but anything could happen, but theres still an abundance of other prospects, either hartiline or robiskie said they would commit on the spot if offered by tOSU but i forget which one

OLineman:Pretty good instated for another year
Alex Boone
A.J. Haas
Rocco Cirroni
boones already committed haas could get an early offer and i think cirroni has a tremondous upside as well

DLineman: Better class than the last couple years
Antwon Hight
Todd Denlinger
Curtis Smith
hight is a freak talent, denlinger is solid , and smith is a great talent

Anthony Marsono
not realy much instate with the exception of lenix but he very well could end up as a DB

Defensive backs: Great Class
Jamario ONeal
Brandon Harrison
Ryan Brinson
Brad Jones
Dane Romero
packed with oneal committed harrison is a incredible cover guy with 4.3 speed brinson a speedester could be a RB

haven't really heard much....

Justin King: Pennsylvanian kid that has great speed and could play RB or CB, rumored to be a Penn State lean.

Derrick Williams: Maryland WR, early offers from practically every school in the nation, don't know who he's favoring though

Fred Rouse: Florida WR, possibly top player in florida went to bausermans school and has early interest

Ekom Udofia: Top DT from Arizonia, has a couple offers and interest from alot of schools

James Chavis III: Top DE who has some interest

Thats it for Now... I'll edit this as new names come onto the scene
Taking a break from studying, so I will throw my 2 cents in.

QB: Yes if OSU wants one or two QB's most likely they will come from OOS unless someone has a monster camp and senior year.

RB: I have seen Sutton play and he was good even while he was banged up, but he is small. If Ringer's latest measurable are accurate 5-11ish and 200 lbs, I think he gets an offer. I have heard some great things about him. Hopefully Ray Williams from Bene will go the prep school route and get qualified, this kid is a stud. Unless you count King from PA (there was also speculation that OSU and scUM were his early favorites) here, we probably won't go OOS, unless for another blue chipper.

WR: Well this list just got shorter. [strike]Manningham[/strike] has already verballed to UM, I think this is a blessing though. Then we have 3 tall receivers (whom you mentioned: Hartline 6-3 175, Robiskie 6-3 190, and Craig Orton 6-4 175 who Duane has said is a good 40 time away from an offer) that can run in state next year, I think at least one of them get an offer, but I think we pursue some OOSers. Fred Rouse is a possibility b/c of Bauserman, but I think he really is a long-shot. Then there is Williams from Maryland where I read that he is a OSU fan, not sure if that is correct or not.

OL: Boone, who is already aboard is being mentioned as a top 100 guy already so that is a plus and A.J. Haas is the other top guy in the class. I think we still need to take around 4-5 guys this year. So we may take another Ohio guy, but look for OSU to look out of state again.

DL: The good news: We have a great in state corp of guys, the bad news: There are some grade problems especially with Antwon Hight. Todd Denlinger is the other superstar and Curtis Smith from Glenville should be a good one.

LB: You have Lennix from Glenville who is undersized, but seems to be a beast. Look for Ben Lane (Shaun Lane's bro also from Hubbard) to generate some interest, not sure if he will get an offer because he is undersized as well. Haven't heard about any OOSers yet.

DB: How many do we really need this year besides Jamario? Seems to be a good instate crop, but I really only think we only take like 2 DB's. Again Justin King could fit in here.
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Here is a list of some top OOS's to keep an eye on

10 juniors to watch- Nationally
(listed alphabetically)
Pos. Player High School (city, state) Ht. Wt.
LB Travis Beckum Oak Creek, Wis. 6-4 220
WR Montez Billings Pelham, Ala. 6-2 175
OL Dan Doering Barrington, Ill. 6-6 280
RB Rashard Mendenhall Skokie, Ill 5-11 205
RB Jorvorskie Lane Lufkin, Texas 6-2 250
QB Greg Paulus Syracuse, NY 6-2 195
LB Ryan Reynolds Las Vegas, NV 6-2 230
WR Fred Rouse Tallhasse, Fl 6-4 180
DB Reggie Smith Edmund, OK 6-1 190
DL Terrance Taylor Muskegon, Mich. 6-1 300- interest in OSU
WR Derrick Williams Greenbelt, Md 6-1 185- offered by tOSU and teammate to Derrick Harvey

also take a look at Emfingers site- he has some juniors listed and their current interest


4 Jeff Lucien QB 6-1, 225, 4.8, Oakhurst Ocean Township, NJ (OHST, PSU, BC, MARY, RUT)
3 Bobby Rome QB 6-1, 210, 4.8, Norfolk Granby, VA (UVA, VAT, OHST, PSU)
3 Donte Higgins QB 5-11, 175, 4.5, Houston Yates, TX (NEB, FSU, OHST, TEX, UH, RICE)
5 Justin King RB/DB 5-11, 180, 4.3, Monroeville Gateway, PA (PSU, TENN, PITT, BC, WVA, ND, MICH)(Offers: PSU, PITT, MARY, WVA, BC)- we have also offered and he lists us in his final 4
5 Derrick Williams WR 6-1, 185, 4.4, Greenbelt Roosevelt, MD- tOSU has offered
5 Alex Boone OL 6-8, 280, 5.1, Lakewood St Edward, OH (OHIO STATE VERBAL)
5 Dan Doering OL 6-6, 280, 5.1, Barrington, IL (WIS, MICH, ND, ILL, NU, OHST)(Offers: All favorites)
4 J.B Paxson DE 6-4, 255, 4.7, Greenwood Center Grove, IN (IND, ND, PUR)(Offers: All favorites)- he has expressed interest in tOSU
4 James Chavis^ 6-2, 225, 4.65, Waldorf Westlake, MD (PSU, SYR, ND, NU)- has shown interest in tOSU
5 Terrance Taylor DT 6-0, 285, 5.0, Muskegon, MI (MICH, MIST, OHST, IOWA, WIS)
5 Robert Russell DB 6-0, 205, 4.5, New Orleans Landry, LA (COL, FSU, OHST, OU, LSU, MEMP)
5 Jamario O'Neal DB 6-1, 180, 4.35, Mansfield, OH (OHIO STATE VERBAL)
5 Brandon Harrison DB 5-10, 190, 4.3, Dayton Chaminade Julienne, OH (IOWA, OHST, PSU, PITT, WVA)(Offers: IOWA)- JT visited him last week along with Ringer
4 Donte Higgins^ 5-11, 175, 4.4, Houston Yates, TX- has expressed interest in tOSU
3 Jason Bishop DB 5-10, 175, 4.5, Colleyville Heritage, TX (IOWA, TEX, USC, FLA, OHST, NEB)
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A few other Ohio guys that might be considered

QB- Rob Schoenhoft 6-5 220 Cinn St. X
OL- Shawn Glaser Akron Hoban 6-7 325- opening holes for Sutton
OL- Mike Russell Clev Glenville 6-3 305- tOSU pipeline
OL- Corey Maizel Ytown Ursuline 6-5 330- played along side Braxton
DB- Adam Myers White Hamilton 6-3 200- same school as the Underwoods
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How bout Mister Simpson from Cincy Colerain. This kid is built very solid. A legit 5-11 215 or 220 probably. Could play fullback or tailback.

DB Marcus Council from Akron Garfield will be one to watch.

WR Brian Hartline was the one who said he'll commit to OSU on the spot. Some think he'll challenge manningham for top WR in Ohio. Good size and very good speed. Awesome on the track and on the field.

At LB, Nick Simon of Shaker Hts is one to watch. Supposedly a strong notre dame fan though.

DL Antwon Hight is supposed to be a beast but has serious academic concerns.
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