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High School 2005 Big 33 Game

Buckeyeskickbuttocks said:
I am not certain there will be a webcast or not.... Last year, and you probably know this, more just for the beni of the newbs, they even had video.. forget who found the link.... At least we have a few months to figure it out.

I guess I should have book marked it last year.... green chicklets to whoever can find the link for this years game :)
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Carmen Ohio said:
Ten out of 11 Ohio State recruits from Ohio are selected to play in the Big 33... that's impressive! The one not selected was Cordle who can't play because he's already enrolled.

What's almost as good is the fact that out of the 66 best players from Ohio and Pennsylvania, only four are going to scUM (Slocum from PA, and Simpson, Mesko, and Manningham from OH).
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I know for those of us in the mid-atlantic region (PA, NJ, DE, etc), CN8 network carried the game on TV last year, both live and with multiple replays, I would assume they would be doing the same this time around although it is not listed anywhere on their website as of yet.
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