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2004 Scout Team Standouts


Defense still wins Championships
According to coach Snyder and coach Bollman...

After an eleven-game schedule, the offensive coordinator has had a good look at a lot of young defensive players who compose the defensive scout team, and the defensive coordinator has seen a lot of young defenders who make up the defensive scout team. Both Snyder and Bollman commented on young players who have stood out on the scout teams this season.

"Who do I think is really good? I think (quarterback) Todd Boekman is going to be "A Player"," said Snyder.

"I think Albert Dukes is going to be "A Player". (OL Steve) Rehring is going to be a good player some day. I think (tight end) Marcel Frost is going to be a good player someday," Snyder said.

"(OL) Kyle Mitchum is another one, man, is he tough, just by nature. He's physically tough," Snyder added.

As to running back Eric Haw, Snyder is not quite yet sold.

"We saw flashes. Eric is still young, in my opinion. He's still very youthful from a maturity standpoint. Eric has a chance to be good when he decides to become good," said Snyder.

Bollman picked out several standouts on the defensive scout teams.

"Vernon Gohlstin is a defensive end who has played a little bit but also helped against us," said Bollman.

(DE) Alex Barrow does a good job. (LB) Brandon Smith looks like a guy who has some talent. Nick Patterson and Shawn Lane have played well at defensive back. (DL) Nadar Abdallah is another guy. He really has a lot of quickness and he has a lot of size. He could be a big guy. He could be a very big guy," said Bollman.

Sounds like they're really high on Boeckman. 3-way QB controversy next year?? It's also good to hear that Mitchum, Dukes, Barrow, and Gholston (as well as the others they mentioned) are doing so well. I didn't like reading what they had to say about E. Haw, however. Sounds like he's got quite a way to go still.

It makes it even more apparent how much OSU needs to secure at least two, maybe three quality RB's in this years recruiting class. I hope the potential recruits see that too. I do hope Eric Haw comes around though. With his speed and size, he could be a good one. At least he has the potential to be a good one.
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