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High School 2004 North/South All Star Game


Miles Williams with a 47 yard TD catch, over Sirjo Welch :(

North leads 7-3

Shaun Lane just broke up a play along the sideline that may have gone for a score if he didn't deflect the ball.

Curtis Terry probably should have just been credited with a sack and a caused fumble but they ruled it an incomplete pass. Man he has a burst coming off the edge.

Brandon Underwood just made a nice play on a long pass to a North receiver. csuskeeter somewhere is talking a lot of trash :lol:

80 yard run by South QB Grant Gregory(Indiana) 10-7 South

Miles Williams with another long catch. We may have found this year's Ernie Wheelright. :sad:

Not sure who that was that ran it in on the next play. 14-10 North
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Yeah, Haw is playing. Hasn't broke one yet but has showed a little power and burst here and there. There hasn't been a lot of room to operate yet.

So far Curtis Terry has looked the best of all the Buckeyes. He has some serious wheels coming off the edge.

Gary Russell, who I believe is heading to Minnesota, just broke a long run. That's one thing about these All Star games. It sucks watching kids do well that you wanted to see get a Buckeye offer. He's a good one.

TD pass, Gregory to Grigsby. 17-14 South. Skeete 2-2 on PAT's and made his only FG attempt.

Another TD catch for Grigsby. K-State got a good one. 24-14 South

Chad Hoobler and Alex Barrow just combined for a sack. Barrow is long, lean, and very active up front. Nice to see a couple Buckeye wreaking havoc in the backfield :biggrin:
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It's times like these, when I'm so desperate for anything remotely resembling Buckeye football, that it kills me that I live in stinking M*ch*g*n... These updates are keeping me alive. Thanks much, folks :)
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Shaun Lane just broke up a play along the sideline that may have gone for a score if he didn't deflect the ball.
Lane committed so long ago, it almost seems like he shouldn't be in this game. He almost seems like a redshirt soph. I actually did a double take when I saw his name!
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Miles Williams signed with scUM lite, right?

If he turns out to be as good as he's playing in this game, that could be a good thing for the sparties, knowing the type of offense ol' John L. is going to want to run. I guess I can't feel toooo bad about it, since I'm a student at MSU...
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VprHis said:
Miles Williams signed with scUM lite, right?


TD #3 for Grigsby. At least he's headed to the Big XII :lol:

Skeete's PAT was blocked. 30-21 South

Skeete did put the ensuing kickoff through the endzone for a touchback.

If Hoobler keeps hitting the quarterback the way he is he might play his way right out of an opportunity at TE this fall :lol:

It's Halftime....30-21 South
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Mothra said:
impressions, bucknutty?

Well here are my impressions of the Buckeye players. I will admit up front that I am no expert, just a fan.

Curtis Terry - Haven't heard his name called much but the play where he got to the quarterback from the edge was awfully impressive. Not surprising a Glenville kid has wheels but his speed was eye opening.

Brandon Smith - Probably a better athlete than a football player at this point. Big kid with good speed but hasn't made a lot of plays.

Skeete - Better kicker than a punter. As kickers go he looks like a good one. Showed a big, accurate leg on the FG and the kickoffs have been deep.

Alex Barrow - Long and rangy. Looks like he could use a redshirt year to get stronger but he has some skills and a good motor.

Erik Haw - Hasn't got much going but he's awfully quick and has some power. He's got a thick lower body and doesn't dance much in the hole.

Brandon Underwood - Good size for a corner and has good ball skills, something EJ was criticized for early on.

Sirjo - Got beat on the TD by Williams but he is a safety after all. Made a nice tackle on Hoyer who was running in the flats. Seems like a sure tackler and a good hitter.

Shaun Lane - A little on the short side but he's pretty thick. He's made some nice plays at corner but his name has not been called much. I want to see him with the ball in his hands. I think he'll be a nice return man for us.

Ben Person - I honestly think Person is going to be a great player for us and may play some this fall but he hasn't looked great tonight. I'd have to watch the tape of the game to focus on him but what little I've seen he has good feet and does drive block well. He could probably be a little quicker but these guys haven't played football in a while so I'm sure he's not in playing shape at this point.

Chad Hoobler - He looks physically ready to help us this fall. Haven't seen much of him at TE but he's a nice looking athlete and has a sack and a couple QB pressures. He's gonna be a good one.
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Mothra said:
thanks.... any other standouts?

As far as non Buckeyes go, Ro Grigsby, Miles Williams and Asanti White have impressed me the most so far.

TD pass from Brian Hoyer to Asanti White. 30-28 South

Haw just busted a 48 yard run. It looks so effortless. He's gonna be a good one.
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