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2004 home game tickets


Hall of Fame
I am involved in a golf tournament in a couple of weeks, and one of the prizes we are looking at is two tickets to any OSU home games. Can anyone help me get them? The Cincy and Marshall games are fine, but the BIg Ten will be even better.
good luck... even if it is a write off, the person could get twice the face value selling them to, welll frankly just about anybody...

I know my father had given tickets in the past to some charities... however it got to the point that he could write off $50 in taxes or get $200+ in cash if he sold them... he finally stopped giving the tickets, and just gave them cash (he was still better off that way).

Before folks go nuts about the $200+ per ticket, keep in mind these are roughly 20 rows up, on the 50 yard line (as in the isle is the 50 yard line, and he has seats 1 through "x")...
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What exactly do you mean by "get them"?

If you're looking for someone to sandbag and help you win the golf tournament, I am definitely not your man (unless they're being rewarded as the "beverage trophy"....) :biggrin:

Or are you looking for someone to break into the clubhouse during the tournament and highjack the tickets? Not that I'm your guy for that either, but let's just say that I know some guys...... :wink2:
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Sounds to me like Buckeye1 is helping to host this alleged golf tournament, and would like someone here to donate their tickets as a prize for said tournament. Personally, it sounds to me like an elaborate scheme to defraud some ignorant chump out of their tickets. :biggrin:
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You all know me too well! I can't even make up stuff to get a couple of ticlets ;-) Seriously though, the head organizer wanted to get a couple of tickets as one of the prizes. He said he would pay around $200.00 for them. Since this is the best Buckeye site in the Planet, I thought you all can help.
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