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Orton has a big lead and rightfully so. 17 TD's with 0 picks is amazing.

Benson from Texas is the closest one to him. Cedric has rushed for between 180 and 190 in all 4 games. If he gets 150 and they beat Oklahoma, it'll be a real battle for the Heisman all year long. I know, huge IF.

After that, the media folks love Leinart and Bush from USC. Bush gets a lot of talk about all-purpose yards, but he gets about 50-60 cheap yards each game. I'm talking about kickoff returns. If you run 3 or 4 kickoffs out to the 25 or 30 yard line each game, you get 70 to 100 "all-purpose yards" on kickoff returns. But you've really only given your team 20 to 40 yards of improved field position (as opposed to the 20 yard line). Bush is tough on punt returns, but doesn't get enough carries to rack up rushing yards. Norm Chow uses him in very creative, effective ways, however.

Leinart has been solid but not spectacular so far. But as long as USC keeps winning, he'll be considered. His young receivers are gaining experience.

Same with Jason White at Oklahoma. His attempts and TDs are down from last year, but if they go undefeated he'll be talked about. But many voters remember his last 2 games (4 picks combined in 2 losses), and will be reluctant to vote for him again. Which is a good thing for those of us wanting Archie's achievement to remain unique.

Rodgers, the Cal QB, has a chance to get noticed if they can once again beat USC this week. They've only played 3 games, so he doesn't have a lot of numbers yet.

David Greene, Georgia's QB, had 5 TD's against LSU Saturday, but I don't think he'll get enough big numbers to seriously challenge for the award.

Moats is an excellent running back at La Tech with good numbers and no chance at the Heisman.
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Reggie Bush is the best player in college football. Orton is having the best year to this point. If Orton continues to put up the numbers he has and leads Purdue to wins over the Weasels and the Buckeyes it will be hard not to give it to him. I bet he comes back down to earth once he starts playing against better defenses.

I'd vote for Bush.
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Reggie Bush hands down is a special special talent. Best in College football in my opinion. The kid can do it all and has. You can not over-look what Orrton has done. If he can lead his team to a BCS game then I say he should win...
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I also think it's hard to overlook Adrian Peterson, IMO he is playing better than White right now. So if a national championship contender is the criteria and OU is one, then I think Peterson should be getting the pub, not White.
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Imagine we had a RB who through 4 games was averaging 186 yards per game, 7.6 yards per carry, and had scored 7 TDs despite hardly touching the ball in the fourth quarter in 3 of those games. Think we would be lobbying for him to get the Heisman?

If Benson goes over 100 this Saturday he gets my vote. (Note: before you start talking level of competition Texas' opponents so far have exactly as many wins as our opponents so far.)

It will certianly be interesting to see him go head to head with Peterson, but right now he has the numbers on Adrian by a solid margin.

You can make a good case for Bush as well, but rushing and receiving combined he is still 50 yards per game behind Benson.

I gotta see what Orton does against better Ds before I consider him for the top. The two guys playing behind him have QB ratings of 242 and 335 - which indicates the line, the receivers, and the offensive scheme have a lot to do with his success.
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