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It seems that every year, those rabid fans who follow recruiting (ie. us :) ) over-estimate the impact of incoming freshmen. Sometimes, we also get surprised by a sleeper like AJ Hawk. So, what I would like to do is have as realistic a discussion as possible of who we expect to see some playing time while games are still in question.

Personally, I like the chances for the following guys. I admit that I am biased towards guys who get to campus in the winter and spring. The past several years at OSU have shown that the early enrollees (think MoC, Donte Whitner and Ashton Youboty) do end up contributing as Freshmen.

In order:

- Antonio Pittman. Got to school early, and the Guilford mess moves him up the depth chart (though I think he would have anyway). He also performed very well in the spring game, and brings a change of pace to the RB position.

- Steve Rehring. Also got to school early, and with the loss to graduation of so many players on the OL, Steve should get some time. With his size, he's ready to go, and seems like the kind of player who responds quickly to coaching.

- Ted Ginn. Breaks my "rule" of early enrollment, and he is sometimes criticized for being small (Youboty wasn't much bigger as a Frosh, however), but his athletic skills are desperately needed at kick/punt return, with both Gamble and Jenkins playing on Sundays now. He will have to win a battle with Childress and Hall, and prove that he can keep the ball more secure. There is also a lot of depth at corner, so that's going to be tough for him to crack as well. Either way, I won't bet against the nation's #1 recruit. :wink:

- Marcus Freeman. Crazy depth at LB will probably keep his time down considerably, but again, this is a guy who got to school early, looked good in the spring game, and has a world of potential at his position.

One guy I am leaving off is Eric Haw, and that is not a knock against him at all. I certainly hope that he comes in and does great things as a Freshman, but -- with Pittman already here early, plus two returning seniors in Ross and Hall, PLUS a fullback (Joe) who can play TB, I am just not sure that a regular fall enrollee is going to get in the game other than in garbage time, barring injury or serious underpeformance by the seniors.

Edit: By contribution, I mean guys who get in games that are still games, and perform well, not necessarily starters. Guys from the past who would fit that are AJ Hawk, Nick Mangold, MoC (obviously), Donte Whitner, etc.
Rerhing i believe will redshirt despite coming in early. I agree on Ginn obviously. Im don't think his weight will be a factor despite what some people think (hope in the case of scUM fans). I think EJ Underwood was quite a bit lighter then Ginn and he still played his freshman year..tho depth is also better now then it was before. I think either Mitchum or Person could make their way into the 2 deep at some point during the season.

- Marcus Freeman. Crazy depth at LB will probably keep his time down considerably, but again, this is a guy who got to school early, looked good in the spring game, and has a world of potential at his position.
Yes we have some great depth at LB overall, but who's Carpenter's backup if not Freeman? I think Freeman will come in and get some solid minutes at SLB.
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I think it was Rerhing that played in the spring game, correct?
He was beaten badly on several occasions. If I'm correct on that then without a doubt he'll need a redshirt year to get stronger and used to playing at a speed that is a bit faster than high school.
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I thought the consensus by most everyone is that Rehring needs a redshirt year. I didn't really pay attention to him in the spring game but those that did said he's still a project, despite enrolling early.
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That is what I thought also Coxew, not all of these kids who come in early are well advised to do so if Frosh PT is their goal. I look for Person to get PT first of all the Frosh OL.
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My list of possible frosh contributors:

qb-boeckman "could" get some time if there is an injury to either zwick or smith.

rb- pittman/haw will hopefully get some carries early in the season due to the injury history of ross/hall. I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of these frosh play well enough to get meaningful carries during the season.

wr- lyons/dukes are also an injury or 2 away from getting on the field. I like lyon's size, but I have the feeling that dukes is the closer one to being ready.

te-rory nicol will have as good a chance as anybody to earn some playing time due to irizarry's mess up. I would rather have nicol red-shirt along with hoobler, but if they're needed you have to use them.

o-line - I think person and mitchum will have a chance to show something due to alot of positions being up for grabs.

lb'er- freeman is too good to keep off the field.

db- ginn will see some time, but at what position? wr? cb? spec. teams?

punter- trapasso might get a chance if he doesn't get in trouble.

I doubt that all the possibilities will truely happen, but I also think that this year is a good year for freshman to take advantage of open jobs at several spots, especially on offense.
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I think Rehring redshirts, there have been quite a few stories of him having trouble in practices and scrimmages. He's such a big guy and having trouble with the speed, if he plays this year, we could be in for a world of hurt. He's got the frame and from the stories is a really hard worker, so I put my money on him making it one day, but not this year.

One of the tight ends is going to have to step up, I put my money on Rory Nicol, I thought Hoobler looked great as MLB in the HS all-star game, he just flew to the ball, I say keep him there and redshirt him, because he's not getting PT at that position this year we are too deep.

I imagine we are going to have a Freshman punter contribute, hopefully that doesn't mean contribute to losses, that facet of the game could be scary especially in contrast to how great our punting has been the past two years.

I'm excited about the WR's, I think Dukes is going to be another S. Holmes, but bigger, he's from the same school and his coach said he was better. I think he could play a lot this year and really contribute.....Let's put the BALL IN THE AIR!!!
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Incoming freshmen GPA/ACT scores

Very impressive, but i'm kind of suprised that Pittman not only got in, but was able to graduate early.

NA= Non available Test score, but did end up qualifying.

*= Didn't end up qualifying

NCAA minimum GPA required= 2.5 GPA
NCAA minimum SAT Test scores= 820
NCAA minimum ACT Test score= 17

Dionte Johnson - 3.7 GPA & 1050 SAT
Erik Haw - 3.0 GPA & 17 ACT
Tony Pittman - 2.2 GPA & NA
Dennis Kennedy* - (but had a "2.2 GPA & 18 ACT back in February of 2004 at the time)
Albert Dukes - 3.6 GPA & 17 ACT
Devon Lyons - 3.5 GPA & 1030 SAT
Rory Nicol - 3.7 GPA & 1020 SAT
Chad Hoobler - 2.7 GPA & 19 ACT
Kyle Mitchum - 2.7 GPA & NA
Ben Person - 3.5 GPA & 22 ACT
Steve Rehring - 2.6 GPA & 21 ACT
Jon Skinner - 4.0 GPA & 1230 SAT
Vernon Gohlston - 2.8 GPA & 960 SAT
Nader Abdallah - 3.0 GPA & 19 ACT
Alex Barrow - 2.7 GPA & NA
Marcus Freeman - 3.8 GPA & 990 SAT
Brandon Smith - 3.4 GPA & 960 SAT & 20 ACT
Curtis Terry - NA & NA
Ted Ginn Jr. - 3.7 GPA & 19 ACT
Nick Patterson - 4.0 GPA & 25 ACT
Shaun Lane - 3.1 GPA & 17 ACT
Sirjo Welch - 2.7 GPA & 17 ACT
Brandon Underwood - 2.9 GPA & 19 ACT
A.J. Trapasso - 3.0 GPA & 23 ACT
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I hope this will dispel the "Tressel will only recruit geniuses" myth.(Not that I want the Buckeyes to perform poorly, just the opposite) On that list, only Patterson and Skinner would be 100% locks to get into OSU as a regular student. Johnson,Lyons,Nicol,Freeman, Ginn and Person would have a good shot as well, although their ACTs are below the school average.
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Buckwrestler - I'm not trying to call you out, but where did you get this data, and is it appropriate to publish here on this forum? It seems like an invasion of the incoming freshmen's privacy to publish their high school GPA and test scores...
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Does anyone remember the gpa's and ACT/SAT scores of the
2002 recruits. I seem to remember some extremly high GPA's
and test scores. IIRC there were several that scored in the mid
to upper 20's on the ACT.
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luckobucko said:
Buckwrestler - I'm not trying to call you out, but where did you get this data, and is it appropriate to publish here on this forum? It seems like an invasion of the incoming freshmen's privacy to publish their high school GPA and test scores...
They were posted in Bill Kurelic-OFRN August 2004 Issue

I can see what you're referring to, but those numbers are as high as any Div-1 team you'll find, and after all the academic problems of the 2000 recruiting class I just assumed it'd be nice to see those and rest assured.

I'm feeling safe about the commits this year already too
Rob Schoenhoft - 2.8 GPA & 24 ACT
Brian Hartline - 3.8 GPA & 21 ACT
Alex Boone - 2.9 GPA & 980 SAT
Jim Cordle - 3.0 GPA & 23 ACT
Todd Denlinger - 3.75 GPA & 23 ACT
Jamario O'Neal - 3.0 GPA (as per "The Insiders") & NA
Malcom Jenkins - 3.0 GPA & 980 SAT
Kevin Bemoll - 3.5 GPA & 970 SAT
Ryan Williams - 3.2 GPA & 1120 SAT
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