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Hear The Drummer Get Wicked
Staff member
We are loaded at secondary and linebacker. How good our d-line is will go a long way in determining how good our defense is, IMO. How well can they keep blockers off our linebackers and how much pressure can they get on the quarterback is huge. In years past our d-line protected our secondary. With the guys we have back there now our d-line doesn't need to be as good as it's been but in time it could be close. There is no shortage of guys ready to step and fill the void left by losing Smith, Scott and Anderson.

I may be missing a name or two but we should be able to find a few good ones out of Fraser, Green, Kudla, Patterson, Frost, Penton, Richardson, Cotton, Maupin, Abdallah, Barrow, Gholston, and Reggie Smith, don't ya think? :p
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Cognoscente of Omphaloskepsis
Staff member
Patterson saw limited PT as part of a 9 man rotation at DL last year. Using a true Frosh that way is silly - unless you know you will be lucky to keep him four years let alone five. He is going to be a beast. There is no way our DL will be a liability this season and I would rate them on a par with the LB and DB groups. The DL wont match up to last season - but you can pretty darn good and still say that.

OSU has had stronger and more experienced starters on D, but this may be the most talented 2-deep the school has ever had.
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Never Forget 31-0
I really dont think we will miss dantonio that much, granted he was a great coach but OSU has kept the same philosphy on D and will in the future....ATTACK. I believe this group of young D lineman will be better than Smith, Anderson, Scott. I really dont see a drop off in the defense at all, those are young talented players that are extremely hungry to show what they can do and I am positive that these guys will keep the great play from the defense the past few years going. This defense probably has more speed than any defense we have had in the past ten years, speed wins ballgames.

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Herbie for President
LB's, DB's (assumeing Gambles replacement is consistant) are in good shape.

The DL has players, my only concern is that they are young. I hope they can keep errors to a min. The talent is their, is the mindset/mental part of the game?

The loss of Coach D. will be missed, however I think our staff will still do a good job. I'm not too concerned with the D this year... the O is a different story...

A new QB, 3/5 of the OL is a concern. Ben did a great job as a TE, however we have others that will do a great job IMO. The loss of Jenkins is big, however the WR depth is deep, I'm not concerned with WR. If Ross runs like he did last year we have a problem... I'm still not sold on our RB... Joe is healthy and IMO will do a great job at the FB position...

Again, many question marks on the O side.... Now that I think about it, it is similar questions we had going into the 2002 season, and that season worked out well :biggrin:
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I think that was in a chat with Nader Abdallah. Add him to the mix and this DL has some awesome potential
I think your right. Im really excited about him too. His situation reminds me of Hawk coming out of High School. 3 stars but offered by some bigtime programs. Will be interesting to see how much PT he can get
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