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[2003 Season] pick the winner w/ odds... fun!!


Herbie for President
pick the winner week #2 posted... fun!!

I will post several games that will be played the upcomming saterday with the spreads. Pick who you think will cover the spread. (I was going to do this on Bucknuts, however I fear too many people will play and I will spend my life trying to compute everybodies picks).

This is for fun... no money involved. Please pick all games, if you don't pick all games your picks don't count for that week. I will keep an updated roster of who is in the lead as far as the picks are concerned. I will prob. limit it to five games each week.

This game is against the spread so you need to keep that in mind when picking (i.e. the favored team needs to not only win, but beat the spread as well... the losing team could cover and wind up winning as far as this game is concerned... just like Vegas).

Please type the team you are picking (no initials), because some times there could be more than one "OSU"... This was fun last year on BN, and I hope we get some players this year.

Another rule... no editing of posts... if you edit your pick all those picks are disqualified... Also All picks must be in before Thursday Eastern time at Midnight (this is so folks don't wait till the last min. to make picks, since I can not change the spreads from the beginning of the week to the end of the week.


I hope we have a decent amount of players... you do not have to play each week, however a min. of five weeks must be played (Everybody has to play the last week) to count the scoring (this is to keep one person who gets all five correct the first week, stops playing so they can say they got "all" their picks correct, even though they only played in one week)...

This was alot of fun last year, I hope many of you choose to take part in this (I also hope I didn't just get myself into a time consuming event, keeping track of everybodies picks :tongue2: )

Edit: Oh, and I will always have The Ohio State game in the list (assumeing I can find a spread to work from... sometimes the spread is off, so I can't put them in... example is scUM this week, no spread it is "off" on the site I get my spreads from)...

These are the games for Sat. October 11th:

Ohio State @ Wisconson ... Ohio State favored by 2.5

Oklahoma @ Texas ... Oklahoma favored by 6.5

Georgia @ Tennessee ... Georgia favored by 2.5

Notre Dame @ Pittsburgh ... Pittsburgh favored by 10

Miami (Fl.) @ Florida State ... Florida State favored by 6.5

Please make your picks (remember not to change them)
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Here are my picks:

Ohio State -2.5

Oklahoma -6.5 (Mack can not win the big games :tongue2: )

Tennessee +2.5

Pittsburgh -10 (the gomers stink!!)

Miami Fl +6.5 (FSU might pull the win, however I'll take the 6.5 points and cryami)
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Ohio State - duh!
Texas - I just have a gut feeling
Georgia - Tennesee is overrated, Georgia is going to violate them hard
sPitt - ugh!
Miami - they own free shoes

I didn't see the rule about typing the entire name, sorry. So since editing isn't allowed I posted a second time. Perhaps a mod could deleat my origional post
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Ohio State - Time to go to back to work. They should be rested and ready.
Oklahoma - They own Texas.
Georgia - Tennessee isn't there yet.
Pittsburgh - Can't pick Ntre Dame.
Miami - Even if they don't win I think they cover.
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Ohio State -really hope so
Oklahoma- really hope not
Florida State

Just fyi- I'm the returning champ from bn last year- pause for appluase- just kidding. The reason that I brought it up is that when I won last year, someone offered a small prize of a mini autographed winfield helmet. I won -he mailed it to me free of charge. pretty cool. So I dont have much to offer, but I do have a few doubles of osu big ten championship glasses from 1972(glasses for each of osu's big ten championship seasons) that I will pony up as a prize. Wish I could do better, but atleast its something- huh?
Good Luck

p.s. I plan on keeping my glasses if you know what I mean!!!!
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