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2,700 Browns fans show tibor exactly what he can kiss



In a mass demonstration held just outside the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 2,700 Browns fans dropped their pants and pointed their asses towards Pittsburgh so that long time detractor tibor75 would know just exactly where to kiss them. Event organizer Seemore Butts said that he was inspired to organize the event after reading several football recruiting boards, “I mean honestly, what is his problem. Did somebody from Cleveland steal his girlfriend or something.” Other protesters were quoted saying things like “they were plastic bottles for God’s sake” and “hey, there are fat people outside of Cleveland too.”

Yep, more proof to the utter stupidity of your average Browns fan.

You're just pissed cause your dad's in the picture.

Actually the picture is from Australia. But hey, try and find a picture of a couple thousand bare asses all pointing in the same direction, you can't be choosey. When I heard about almost 3,000 Clevelanders gathering about a 1/4 mile from Cleveland Browns stadium tibor just immediatly came to mind.
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