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Fitzsimmons on 1460 is hearing from the coaches that

Pitcock and Mangold are killing people- both have really stepped up

Whitner and Everett are in a real battle to start at safety- he hears that Everett is slightly ahead going into the kick scrimmage tomorrow

D'Andrea is playing great and is really battling Schlegel for the starting spot- they have to get Mike on the field alot this year

EJ Underwood is playing great- locking down everyone
Herbie was just on 1460 and has been at practice all week. He was really pumped about the talent level- very excited. Here are some of his takes

* He has seen a bunch of the top programs this year and tOSU does not have to take a back seat to anyone in terms of a "waves of talent". He feels our recruiting is really kicking into gear- really impressed with the amount of talented players we have

* Thinks depth chart will start taking shape after tomorrow (jersey scrimmage). The coaches will start making choices on starters, 2nd string etc. and start focusing on UC.

* He likes all the QB's physically- they all can make the throws but the starter will be the one who JT thinks is the best decision maker. Who can control the huddle and line of scrimmage the best.- no predicitions from Herbie

* Very complimentary of Tony Pittman- really thinks he will be a good one and will play this year- he also thinks Mo Hall looks quicker

* Concerned about Oline depth- thinks we have a good solid 4 but the coaches are looking for the top 6 or 7 for rotation purposes

* He is also concerned about the WR experience opposite of Santonio and thinks Teddy Ginn could be full time at WR and special teams this year (partly because of DB depth and partly because he is just too good to leave on the bench- I agree)

* Interesting comments on EJ Underwood- he agreed that he is playing incredibly- he said he has always been a lock down guy but this year he is really hitting people- coaches are saying he has Gamble talent.
But he said that in the past, stupid off the field mistakes have hurt him with the coaches (like missing meetings, practice, classes etc.- I hadn't heard that before). He said he has to mature and become more of a leader especially with his brother on the team now.

* TE's- He said Frost is solid and Nicol is a "freak". He compared him to guys like Ken Dilger- he said he is huge and can run.

* He really likes JT's practices and the continual focus on fundamentals

He seems very excited about the season the Buckeyes potential- no predictions.
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A couple of things on Herbie's take;

#1. I'm surprised that Ginn would start in front of Hall. I'm glad to hear he could be starting, as the kid is just a fantastic talent.
There may not be a lot of experience in this group of WR's, but what a deep group this is. Hollins,(who looked VERY good in the spring game) Childress, Holmes, Ginn, Hall, Gonzo.

#2 If the Offensive line ends up playing poorly, What chance is there that one or two of the incoming true Freshman could end up starting next year?
I still think Boone will step in and start. What about Cordell or Bemoll?
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Fitty did mention Teddy Ballgame... said he fielded a punt and glided past a few of our fastest guys on the coverage team. He used the comparison of the FSU players running past OSU in the Sugar Bowl, making them look like they're running with ankle weights.

Speilman this noon mentioned that the defensive backfield is absolutely loaded... and that Youboty is probably the most technically sound of them all.

One thing is for sure... there's no way our DB's are tired in the 4th. There will be a ton of rotation with Youboty and possibly Teddy at corner and Whitner/Everett and Mitchell at safety. That's a legit 2-deep of players that will all play a ton.
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ashlandbuck said:
I'm surprised that Ginn would start in front of Hall. I'm glad to hear he could be starting, as the kid is just a fantastic talent.

I don't think Herbie was saying Ted would start, he just felt that he would play mostly on offense (this season) because of a crowd at DB and unproven talent at the WR spots opposite Santonio. He is just too good to keep on the bench.
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