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14 Buckeyes Drafted..15 if Bishop goes

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I hope the National media keeps telling everyone about it! Have to love how that plays with OOS recruits....

What does everyone think is more amazing 14 Buckeyes in one draft or Miami's 6 first rounders?


Be water my friend.
I think that 6 in the first round is pretty darn impressive, but 14 total is amazing.

3 linemen drafted: Step, Clarke, and Olivea. Why couldn't the Bucks get anything going on offense this year? These scouts live and die by their scouting reports on prospects so they obviously saw something to use draft picks on these guys. I can't figure out why things were so horrible on offense this year. Can we blame it all on Ross and Hall being banged up?
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Weight was a huge issue and how these guys played together. The scouts probably believe that they can plug these guys into systems as individuals, and if these guys play at reasonable weights they can contribute....Fricken Tyson Walter is still playing in the league.

Man I am so hyped over this.....now what school has the most players in the NFL?
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Ross has no vision and dances, and Hall is fast but small and doesn't play with his speed well. those two are terrible, and Krenzel could not throw an accurate pass to save his life. This is why we couldn't run the ball. It is hard to run the ball if 8 or 9 are in the box. Well see how we can do with a quarteback who can keep the whole damn team outta the box.
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The satanic soulless freight train that is Ohio St
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Krenzel could not throw an accurate pass to save his life.

Ask Miami about 4th and 14 in OT. The problem was that he'd miss wide open, I mean wiiiiide open, receivers yet thread the needle under pressure.
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how did the canes lose games?
well, for starters, Dorsey was thrown to the lions in the 2000 loss to U-dub...
then, the Canes ran off 34 straight...

then, they met a Buckeyes Team that had enough talent to get 14 players drafted, not to mention a METRIC TON of heart...

then, Berlin couldn't hit the ocean if he was standing on the beach, coupled with injuries to the RBs...

46-4 in the 21st century... you may hate them, but i sure don't... the Canes are what every team strives to acheive...

anyway: Congratulations to Will Smith, Chris Gamble, Mike Jenkins, Tim Anderson, BJ Sander, Alex Stepanovich, Drew Carter, Craig Krenzel, Darrion Scott, Robert Reynolds, Shane Olivea, Adrien Clarke, Ben Hartsock, and Will Allen...

Holy crap! what a Team!!!
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Wow LV you know your Canes. Let us not forget Santana Moss's fumble on the first punt of the game set the tone for a horrible half of football. Dorsey did have a horrible 1st 3 quarters but the defenses inability to cover UWs tight end in the first half didn't help either.
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i watch a LOT of football, and the only team that other than the Buckeyes, that i see darn near every game is the Canes... if i'm in the Sports Book, and the Canes are on, i'm paying attention...

i did forget Santana's fumble though... though i certainly remember how he absolutely torched the Buckeyes' D in the Meadowlands in '99...
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excuses are like assholes......

win it or dont....someone fumbling is part of the game people....a qb that cant hit the ocean is an excuse.....

jesus...with all that talent...just maybe they should have overcome a little mistake......

i absolutely RESPECT miami football as a great, great team.....but they are alot like the bucks of the mid-late 90's.....they missed a couple of chances that they should have taken advantage of....
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