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'09 NC PG John Wall (Kentucky Verbal)


Never Forget 31-0



Raleigh (NC) Word Of God Christian Academy

Ht: 6-foot-2
Wt: 175 lbs
AAU: D-One Sports

Listing Boston College, Clemson, NC State, Ohio State, Virginia and Virginia Tech.

Rivals.com update 7/26/07 (Free)

Wall had 23 points and 5 assists in a win. Wall lists Ohio State, Indiana, Virginia, Wake Forest, Virginia Tech, Oklahoma State (offer), Miami (offer), Kansas and Kentucky (offer).


Never Forget 31-0
Rivals.com$ (Brian Snow)

Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Miami (FL), North Carolina State, Ohio State, and Oklahoma State have offered according to Wall. Clemson, Florida, North Carolina, Texas, Virginia, and Virginia Tech are showing interest in the point guard. Coach Archie Miller is recruiting Wall.

Note: Changing thread title to reflect offer.
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Never Forget 31-0

Wall was visited by most of the ACC last week. Wall also visited Kentucky last weekend and enjoyed the trip. Most of the ACC, Ohio State, Indiana, Kansas and Oklahoma State are recruiting him. Wall does not list any favorites at this time.


Wall visited Kentucky and enjoyed the visit. Wall indicates he may visit Miami(FL) at some point. North Carolina, NC State, Memphis and Ohio State have been in to watch open gym.
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