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2008 '08 CA DB Rahim Moore (UCLA signee)

Discussion in 'Football Recruiting' started by BGriffBuckeye, Feb 12, 2007.

  1. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member Tech Admin Bookie

    ...if we schedule a visit with him.
    osugrad21 likes this.
  2. osugrad21

    osugrad21 Capo Regime Staff Member

    Junk split off...

    If the staff feels Rahim is not a major target, he will not be visiting...this has been apparent over the last few seasons as players and their perceived official visits were delayed or cancelled.

    Now back to Rahim.
  3. LordJeffBuck

    LordJeffBuck Illuminatus Emeritus Staff Member Tech Admin Bookie

    Perhaps you don't follow Ohio State recruiting very closely, so let me explain my position by giving you some reasons why Ohio State might not want to schedule a visit with Rahim:
    1. Rahim has already issued a verbal commitment (albiet a "soft" one) to another school;
    2. Rahim does not have a written offer from Ohio State, and Ohio State usually doesn't schedule visits with players who do not have "official" offers;
    3. Ohio State has already filled at least half of its 2008 recruiting class;
    4. Ohio State has a good-to-very-good chance to get verbals from the following offered players: Scott, Goebel, Mobley, Hale, Pryor, Jenkins, Koger, Zordich, McCarthy, and Wells. Even landing half of those prospects would pretty much close out the 2008 class;
    5. Ohio State usually offers one or two kids at camp, and those kids usually accept their offers on the spot. This year there are many "local" candidates such as Rowell, Woods, J. Admas, Pead, Rippy, Gardiner, Staples, Beachum, T. Hill, Craig, etc., not to mention Sam McGuffie....
    6. Safety is not a position of need for Ohio State, especially in a small class;
    7. Ohio State has already offered a "local" safety (Dan McCarthy), who is down to Ohio State and Notre Dame. If McCarthy selects the Buckeyes, then I can't see them taking another safety in this class.​

    So, there are a few reasons why there might not be "mutual interest" between Ohio State and Rahim Moore. But I suppose that Ohio State should send every kid with a passing interest in the Buckeyes on an all-expenses-paid trip to Columbus.
  4. OSUBucks22

    OSUBucks22 No touching!

    Is that your opening statement, counselor? :biggrin:

    UCLA is having several kids that have already committed look around... Moore, S EJ Woods, LB Uona Kavienga, and DE Datone Jones are all soft verbals at this time...
  5. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    BG $


    By BK...did not make OSU's camp but OSU remains in his top 5.
  6. wadc45

    wadc45 Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Rivals $


    From TheWolverine...visiting Michigan (9/21) for the PSU game and UGA on 9/28. Comtemplating visits to Florida and OSU as well but says he is 100% committed to UCLA.
  7. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Scout $


    From the UCLA site. Moore said he was very happy to hear that defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker was returning to UCLA, and that he was the major reason he committed to the Bruins. Moore says that he will still take a few visits, but that the return of coach Walker all but seals the deal for UCLA.
  8. HotMic

    HotMic Mr. so-and-so Staff Member BP Recruiting Team

    Scout $


    From the Texas site. Moore will visit Texas on January 24th, and will also visit North Carolina and Arizona before making his final choice. He says he is wide open, but that he has very high interest in Texas, and talks about the DB's they have put into the NFL.
  9. alpo

    alpo Newbie

    Thats good news for me. ANYTHING that helps mitigate Petey's chokehold on recruiting and the LA media is music to my ears.

    Besides, he was very impressive yesterday. Couple of solid hits, he didn't get many chances against a much speedier East squad. But when he did, he put a world of hurtin' out there. Coulda done without his semi-taunting, (come on, Rahim, baby, it's an all star game, for God's sake), but, if he can bring it like that against the hated trojans...I say, yeah, baby, be a Bruin!!

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