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'07 OH LB/S Sidney Glover (West Virginia signee)

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Glover has been rated a 3 star by Rivals.

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Capo Regime
Staff member

Harding?s Glover has grip on defense
By JOE SIMON Tribune Chronicle

There was a play during Warren G. Harding?s Week 7 game against Massillon when Raiders coach Thom McDaniels couldn?t see the number of the player on his defense who made the tackle.

But he still knew it was safety Sidney Glover.

??Sometimes if you don?t see the number of the guy who makes the tackle, you can tell it was a Sidney Glover tackle from of the impact of the hit,? McDaniels said.

The hard-hitting, 6-foot, 205-pound senior did more than just hit Saturday. Glover had a 48-yard interception return for a touchdown. The touchdown gave Harding a lead it would not relinquish, and Glover his second pick of the season, not to mention the Week 7 Player of the Week honors.

McDaniels said Glover has been Harding?s most consistent player.

Glover played a huge role in the Raiders? four-game winning streak.

After beating Wilson, Ursuline, St. Ignatius, and Massillon, Harding (6-2) is ranked No. 7 in Region I of the Division I state computer ratings and looks to be on track to make the playoffs.

And it?s been the defense that?s led the charge. The unquestioned leader of that defense is Glover, who leads the Raiders in tackles.

??I want him to lead the defense. We had a conversation about that this evening,? McDaniels said Tuesday night. ??We have a lot of good kids, but sometimes they need someone to take charge.?

That?s where Glover, who?s made a verbal commitment to play defense at the University of Indiana, comes in.

??He leads more by the way he plays, but he was a vocal leader for us tonight and we want him to continue to do that,? McDaniels said. ??He has natural leadership abilities. We recognize it and his teammates recognize it.?

Glover recognizes it as well.

??There are certain times during certain games when players lose focus, and I need to speak up,? Glover said. ??Me being a senior and three-year letterman, they kind of expect that out of me.?

The interception return for a touchdown against Massillon changed the complexity of the game, McDaniels said. And it wasn?t only because it gave Harding a 14-10 lead after trailing 10-0. It was also because of the sudden change the play caused.

??We were right back into the game,? McDaniels said. ??Not because it was no longer 10-7, but because of the way we scored. Our sidelines were going nuts, and it gave us a lot of momentum.?

Those type of plays are ones Glover?s been making all year. And McDaniels added that ??the better the team, the better Sidney seems to play.? While Glover said he isn?t sure why that is, he gave a lot of the credit to the coaching staff.

??Coaches put a good gameplan together,? he said. ??And I just watch film and work hard all week in practice. I guess maybe I get more pumped up, and the momentum of the big game gets me to work a little harder. But I try to work hard every week.?

The hard work seems to paying off. And it may soon cause Glover, the backup tailback and last year?s starting quarterback, to see more playing time on offense. McDaniels said the Raiders are ??looking to expand his role? on offense.

??We want to expand his involvement in the offense,? he said. ??He hasn?t had a bad running play this year. We?ve been inserting him into the lineup in the shotgun formation. And we want to use him more on offense.?

Glover would relish the opportunity.

??I think I can help the ?O?,? he said. ??I don?t? think they?re doing bad, but I think I can help. In big games I want the ball.?

While Glover?s excited about getting more playing time on offense, he said defense is his pastime.

??I feel like I?m more of a defensive player,? Glover said. ??On defense, you need a different type of mentality. I call it a kill switch. I love to hit whoever touches the ball.?

The switch has been turned on all year for Glover.
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Illuminatus Emeritus
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BP Recruiting Team
IMO, Glover is a top 10 prospect in Ohio. Despite the other "safety" prospects on the board, I'd like to see him get an offer.

Here is a blurb about Glover from the BPRT:

Sidney Glover, Warren Harding (5' 11", 202 lbs, 19 reps at 225 lbs); Ohio State (not offered) leads. Glover displays exceptional athleticism and a headhunter mentality on defense. As the quarterback of the Raiders option attack, Sidney compiled some solid numbers as a junior, completing 27 of 46 passes for 367 yards and 6 touchdowns, while adding 418 yards and 4 touchdowns on 80 rushes. However, Sidney most likely projects as a strong safety at the next level (he is very similar in build to former Buckeye great Michael Doss); last season, he racked up 58 tackles and an interception. Glover is an Ohio State fan, and would likely commit, if offered. But, with so many excellent safety prospects in the state this year, will the Buckeyes be interested? Sidney already has an offer from Indiana, and he is looking at other Big Ten schools such as Michigan.

BPRT Review of 2007 Prospects - Opening Edition
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Bourbon, Bow Ties and Baseball Hats
Staff member
BP Recruiting Team
Agreed LJB...I find it funny that every year around this time and again around the middle of January we see some names pop-up on the radar and plent of (BN) posters begin to freak out that we must only be in on these kids because we are going to miss out on someone else. This staff has proven to be one of the best in the nation at evaluating talent and if they think Glover is worthy of an offer, than I am on board...eventhough the entire BPRT was in agreement long ago that Sidney was vastly underated.
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Head Coach
Seems like the staff has just got done evaluating some senior films and they seem to feel the need for another safety with the recent contacting of Pentello and Glover.

IMO this means they have plans for the other guys already in the class like Oliver(LB) or Clifford(WR) and they are not fond of the depth they have right now.

It just seems weird that they continue to do the safety routine each year...
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