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'07 FL RB Chris Rainey (Florida Verbal)



Lakeland HS
Video: HERE
This kid has blazing speed. I would venture to say he's as close to a 4.3 as you can get. What I liked best about his videos was how he hit the middle so quickly, he gets to full speed so quickly and once hes past the LBs hes gone! His cuts are very nice as well. The '07 RBs look to be very spectacular, especially in the state of FL.

Now is this video from his Fresh or Soph season? And does he list any schools what-so-ever yet?

Anyways thanks again for sharing another soon to be very talked about '07 recruit, Highstreet.
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Nice first step and excellent acceleration.

I'm interested in HH's take on this kid...I can't decide if he is that talented or if the tackling/competition was that bad. The major highlights and truly amazing runs came against the same team.
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just interested to here people's opinion on this kid...

He has amazing balance and speed mix...but do high school kids wrong hand it as much as this guy?
Also curious if people in florida think if he is going to stick with running back or move to receiver. If you watch his strides he would have amazing cuts in his routes. The perfect combination of speed and cut ablility to be a game breaker at receiver

Nice film for a soph or junior for that matter
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excellent looking prospect regardless of age.

great speed. probably a legit 4.4 to 4.45 which translates to 4.3 or better in recruiting speak.

very good agility. some of the cuts were very impressive.

didn't show much power at all. still has time to work on the strength and size so it isn't a big issue yet, but an issue all the same.

can't comment on the competition.

very decisive runner, yet didn't seem impatient.

yes, tons of high school kids wrong arm the ball all the time. i thought we all learned this around the age of 7 or 8.
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ur crazy. Devines not only shows the same speed, but he also shows tackle breaking ability, and with this guy i dont see the same thing. WR seems a better fit depending on his size. Dont get me wrong, they are both outstanding prospects, but there is definetly a diffrence in my mind.
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I am with BuckfromHeck on this one, this kid is a wide reciever. Look at where they cut all the clips, he falls bad.. if he is a big school tailback he better learn to protect himself on those hits or his career will be over before its started. No offense of course he will likely be a hell of a recruit, but not likely at RB unless he gets bigger and learns to hit.
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