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'06 WI WR Keven Hagans (Illinois verbal)


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BP Recruiting Team

Keven Hagans
Franklin, Wisconsin
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 195 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds

Interest in Iowa, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Michigan State, Nebraska and Ohio State.

Member of the Rivals Pre-Evaluation Top 100

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By Kurelic...Wisconsin and Iowa ar Kevin's early leaders but he is hearing from Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State, Indiana and Nebraska.

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From the Badgers site...hagans was in Madison for their junior day last weekend. The article state that there were 5 other WR recruits also in attendence (D.D. Hardy, Daven Jones, Raymond Small, Raymond Fisher and Robert Rose). Iowa, Ohio State, Michigan, Nebraska and Indiana continue to contact Hagans the most.

note: There is no other Robert Rose in the Rivals database except for the one from Glenville who is being recruited as a DE. I assume this means that Wisconsin is possibly recruiting Rose as a TE. If not for Daven Jones committment to Wisconsin, I would not even have given it a second look, but being as though they are both from Glenville, Wisconsin will obviously try to be a player for Rose.
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