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'06 VA DB Greg Davis (West Virginia Verbal)



Greg Davis
Blue Ridge School (Dyke, VA)
[font=verdana,arial,sans-serif]Ht: [/font]6-1[font=verdana,arial,sans-serif]
40: 4.5
List: Ohio State, Virginia. VATech, Miami, B. College

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Davis rarely gets the ball thrown in his direction. His mother stresses the importance of academics. He is looking for a school to also help him grow as a man...

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</td> <td valign="top"> 2006 DB/WR recruit Greg Davis a dedicated winner
By John Holt HooNation.com Contributing Writer
Date: Feb 17, 2005

2006 DB/WR Greg Davis of the Blue Ridge School (VA) will unofficially visit UVA this weekend and tells HooNation.com who his early leader is.

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There are not many guys who have a work ethic such as 2006 WR/DB Greg Davis. Davis, a 6’3 junior of the Blue Ridge School (VA), has seen his recruitment increase since having an impressive showing a month ago at the US Army Combine in San Antonio, TX. “I am getting letters from Miami, Kansas, Virginia Tech, Maryland, UVA and Boston College,” Davis said. “I can’t lose my focus though and slack off because I am getting recruited more heavily,” Davis stated.
Davis is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and attended Cardinal Gibbons High School before coming to Blue Ridge this past fall. The junior All State First Team defensive back left a lot at Gibbons to attend Blue Ridge such as his family, friends, girls, and being able to go out whenever he needed to. He decided however that it was best for him to leave Gibbons and go to a prep school that would improve his chances at playing college football and more importantly make the grades to get in. “At Gibbons my coach didn’t try to help and put me out for the college coaches to see. I got all my looks from going to camps in the summer and doing well there,” Davis stated. “I had a friend at Blue Ridge when I was back at Gibbons and talked to him and he told me I should look at coming here because the classes are only 8 people and it has a good football program. So I called Coach Alley and we really hit everything off from the first time we talked,” It’s been a great transition so far and I don’t regret coming to Blue Ridge at all. I love it so far,” said Davis.

For Davis’s first season in the Blue Ridge Blue he excelled earning first team All State at defensive back and receiving the teams defensive MVP but the team went 5-4 and failed to reach the state playoffs. It was not what Davis and many of the guys on the team expected heading into the season. “We had to come together really quick because our training camp was only 10 days and we didn’t have that team swagger within us. Some of us did but as a team we didn’t have it. It got frustrating at times,” Davis said.

But after a rough first season Davis feels that Blue Ridge has a very good chance of winning the state title next year with most all of the key players returning. “I feel sorry for the teams going up against us next year. We have mostly everyone coming back and everyone is going to be more experienced and ready to play. If we don’t win the title then it’s a bad season for us. With all the talent we have there is no reason we shouldn’t win it all,” Davis said.

Blue Ridge Head Coach Mike Alley Davis feels Davis is very special and he gives a lot of credit to him. “We have a really good Player/Coach relationship and then we also have a good man to man relationship. He treats his players like young men and respects everyone. I really owe a lot to him for getting my name out to college coaches. His philosophy I agree with totally. He wants to get his players into the best college that fits their potential,” Davis said with a smile.

Davis is attending Virginia this weekend for an unofficial visit and while there is going to attend the Virginia-Maryland basketball game Saturday afternoon. Asked about his leader right now the Cavs stood above all the others. “Now I would say UVA is my leader. I know some of their coaches very well and enjoyed going to some of their games this year. If I decide to attend UVA I like my opportunities of getting to play early there. I would be happy if they offered this weekend but I wouldn’t commit yet. I plan to take all 5 of my official visits next fall and see what the schools have to say and see what my parents, Coach Alley and I think,” said Davis.

The 6’3 junior who runs the 40 in a 4.5 time has many strong points to his game. “I think defensively I can stick with a quick and tall receiver. When I play free safety I know I can hit very well or drop back and get an interception in the air,” Davis said.

Davis knows there are still parts of his game where he can continue to improve. “I know I have a long way to go. I still really need to work on my strength and maybe get a little quicker. I really want to add twenty pounds of muscle and get to 205 lbs before next season,” said Davis.

Davis plans to attend the Nike Camp on April 24th in Blacksburg and UVA camp this summer. “I want to go to two more college camps but I haven’t chosen them yet. I am going to train my butt off this summer getting ready for next season and college,” Davis stated.

It was a very big accomplishment for Davis to be selected to attend the US Army Combine last month in San Antonio. “I was really excited when I got the letter and saw that I was invited to go. I said to myself and knew that all the hard work I did paid off and now I could get a chance to show everyone around the nation what I can do. I really enjoyed meeting some of the other top players in the country. It was a great experience for me and I was very thankful to be able to go,” said Davis.

Davis who also is a talented basketball player and had played for his previous schools ever since coming to Blue Ridge decided to take up weightlifting instead of basketball in the winter and disappointed some at the school who all thought he would play for the nationally ranked Baron Basketball team. “I decided to do weightlifting this winter and get quicker and stronger for next season. I want to put all my focus on football now. I believe though that I will play basketball next year because I feel I can help the team out and I will have decided on my college by that time.” The basketball team isn’t doing that bad without him having a 17-3 record at this point in there season.

Davis loves football so much sometimes he even falls asleep with his. But more importantly the 180 pound junior has a work ethic that most others don’t have at his level and age. Davis is running track now for Blue Ridge but since weightlifting is over for him he is getting up at 6:00 am and heading to the school’s weight room so he can continue to work on his strength and get his daily lifting done. “I think it all comes from my personality. I am a very competitive person off the football field but especially on the football field. I think to myself who really is up this early in the morning working out and trying to get better. My dad always told me the little things separate the good from the great. I want to be the best and I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get there,” Davis concluded.

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Virginia, B. Colllege, Miami, Ohio State, Va Tech, and Kansas are showing intereset. Davis attended Virginia's Junior Day, and enjoyed talking with the players. He will attend the VA. Tech Nike camp.

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From Scout.com...Maryland has offered Greg, to go along with an offer from Nebraska. His top 4 is Virginia, Nebraska, Maryland, and Boston College. He is being recruited as either a CB or FS.
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