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'06 SC DT Ben Alexander (Texas Verbal)




Ben Alexander
Anderson (SC) T. L. Hanna
Height: 6-foot-1
Weight: 285 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.02 seconds
Bench max: 385 pounds
Squat max: 600 pounds
GPA: 3.0
Bench: 385

- Ben is a teammate of '06 DB recruit Ameer Salahudin
77 stops, 30 tackles for loss and six sacks last season, earning all-state honors
- I viewed his film, and he looked to have good explosion and speed for such a big man. Maybe OSUGrad21 can tell us how strong the competition is for Hanna.


T. L. Hanna head coach and Clemson graduate Scott Parkercalls Alexander a "freak," and says he is one of the strongest players he has ever coached. Alexander will camp at Clemson, Texas, Tennessee and Ohio State.

Florida State and Georgia Tech have offered Alexander a scholarship. The Seminoles and Yellow Jackets are a part of Alexander's early top six, along with Clemson, Maryland, Michigan and Ohio State. Alexander is originally from Ohio and his dad used to take him to Ohio State games all the time.
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Highstreet said:
Maybe OSUGrad21 can tell us how strong the competition is for Hanna.
TL Hanna is a 4A school in the upper state of SC. 4A is the second largest division second only to "The Big 16" which is comprised of the sixteen largest schools in the state (Average Attendance Approx 2300). TL Hanna's region schedule matches them up with a number of quality teams including the Ignatius of SC in Gaffney High School.

Ben's competition is stout.
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Hanna Trio Getting Early Attention

By Phil Kornblut
T.L. Hanna High School in Anderson has emerged as one of the state's top 4A programs and coach Scott Parker has another talented team for 2005. Two of his prospects have already picked up major offers and a third is close.

DL Ben Alexander (6-0 290) had 77 tackles and 22 sacks last season. "He is explosive with unbelievable strength," Parker said. "If height matters, I don't think it does in Ben's case. He's now raw, he's just mean. When he hits you, you can feel it. He just explodes through you." Alexander's father played defensive tackle at the Citadel in the mid eighties. He has been offerred by Florida State and Georgia Tech and is also drawing interest from USC, Clemson, Maryland, Duke, North Carolina, Wake Forest, Georgia, Auburn, Notre Dame and NC State. He will attend USC's junior day March 19th. USC and Clemson are indicating offers. He has attended North Carolina's junior day.
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Rivals $
Alexander is being heavily recruited by FSU. They were the first team to extend an offer. North Carolina, Clemson, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Duke, and Ohio State. he really likes OSU, but has yet to hear from them. Alexander boasts a 385-pound bench press max and a 600-pound squat max. He projects as a full qualifier.
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Offers Roll In For Alexander

By Phil Kornblut
DL Ben Alexander (6-0 290) of TL Hanna has picked up severan more official offers according to coach Scott Parker. Alexander's offer list now includes USC, Florida State, Georgia Tech, Duke, Virginia Tech, Texas, Auburn, North Carolina, Maryland, Georgia and Kentucky. He's also getting strong interest from Clemson, Wake Forest, Tennessee, Notre Dame, NC State and Oklahoma. Alexander attended junior day at Georgia Tech over the weekend. He was a Duke last weekend. Plans to take in Auburn and Florida State over the same weekend in the next three weeks. He also attended junior days at USC and Clemson.
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April 28, 2005

Alexander Adds More Offers

By Phil Kornblut
Clemson and Notre Dame are among the newest offers for DL Ben Alexander (6-0 290) of T.L. Hanna. Other recent offers include Maryland, Georgia, Kentucky and Tennessee. He also has offers from USC, North Carolina, Auburn, Texas, Virginia Tech, Duke, Florida State and Georgia Tech. Alexander is also hearing from Wake Forest and Oklahoma. He attended junior days at USC, Clemson, Duke, Georgia Tech and North Carolina. He did not attend any spring games. He plans to attend camp at Texas this summer. He says he does not have a favorite.
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Rivals $

5/3 (UT)

Ben does not have an official offer from Texas but the coaches have stated they will come see him in person and an offer should follow. He is being pressured to attend Clemson, which is 10 miles away, but Ben says he is wide open and has visited schools that are just as impressive as Clemson. He claims to have no leader and is wide open.
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May 09, 2005

Alexander Keeping Mind Open

By Phil Kornblut
DL Ben Alexander (6-0 290) of TL Hanna has not list of favorites from the 14 offers he has on the table. "I'm going to try to narrow it down to a top five before the season," he said. Alexander has offers from USC, Clemson, Notre Dame, Tennessee, Kentucky, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Auburn, Texas, Virginia Tech, Duke, Georgia Tech and Florida State. He's also drawing interest from Georgia and LSU. Alexander, who moved to Anderson in the fifth grade, is not caught up in the USC-Clemson rivalry and has no favorite between the two. But he did say Clemson has been recruiting him the hardest between the two and has been sending hand written mail.
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