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'06 PA QB/LB Mychal Skinner


Never Forget 31-0

Mychal Skinner
Kiski Area HS
Vandegrift, Pa
Height: 6-foot-3
Weight: 200 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds

Camped at the University of Pittsburgh

Listing Pittsburgh, SCUM, tOSU and WVA

Signed with Indiana University of Pennsylvania - LINK

Played wide receiver and finished with 127 receptions (8th all time) for 2,106 yards (5th all time) and 17 touchdowns (tied 6th all time).
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From the Pitt site...Skinner was only at full health for 3 games last year beacuse of a high ankle sprain. He will play QB this year but thinks he could also play WR in college. He is on the Elite 11 watch list. He likes Pitt, Purdue, and Virginia.
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Mychal's injury-plagued junior season where he was only healthy for 3 games has slowed his recruiting. He is hearing from NCSU, Pitt, and WVU right now but he is sending films to Ohio State, Akron, West Virginia, Toledo, Akron, Virginia, Purdue, Pittsburgh, and Penn State.
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