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'06 OK OL Chad Roark (FSU Verbal)



Chad Roark
Height: 6'3
Weight: 295
Forty: 4.9
School: Ada HS, Ada OK.
List: tOSU, Nebraska(high), Miami, USC, Oklahoma

Chad Roark is the brother of 05 Nebraska commit Craig Roark. tOSU offered Craig in the 05 season. I have a close friend on the staff of a rival high school program that was ousted by Ada in the state semi-finals. He stated that Chad was bigger, faster, and stronger than Craig. He said Chad was all over the field making big plays. I would guess that if Craig was a 4-star talent that Chad is going to be one of the most sought after lineman in the country for the upcoming season.
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Roark is just now getting his tape out. He sent his tape to LSU on Wed. and was offered Thurs. It was his first written offer. He is familiar with Coach Miles from an Okie State camp last year. He is being recruited as a defensive tackle. Roark had 117 tackles, 19 QB hurries, 26 Tackles for loss, and 5 sacks as a junior.
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I live here in OK City now, and my son actually played against both Chad and Craig this year. I think he said that he felt Chad was actually better than Craig, (no offense to Craig) at least in that game. I think he'll be a good one and I know that tOSU was in on Craig at least early.
Are you out here in OK or do you just know someone? My son played offensive guard for Carl Albert HS (5A State Champs). We had a D1 LT 6'5", 290 (Mizz), a D1 TE 6'2", 220 (West Point), D2 RG 6'2", 300 (Pitt State), and the Oklahoma offensive POY QB 5'11", 190 D1 (Wyoming). Not bad.
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This past weekend Florida State got an unofficial visit from an offensive lineman from Ada (OK). The 6-foot-3 and 285 pound standout has also unofficially visited Florida, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Texas A &M and Nebraska.

Chad recently received an offer from Florida and Florida State.
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Chad is not claiming any favorites right now. He holds official offers from Colorado State, Florida, Florida State, Iowa State, and LSU. His brother Craig signed with Nebraska in 2005 but the Huskers have yet to offer.
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Chad broke his finger in a camp scrimmage and will need surgery. He is having the cast formed around a broomstick in hopes of continuing his lifting schedule during recovery. He claims offers from Florida, Florida State, LSU, Iowa State, Colorado, Colorado State and SMU. FSU is his favorite.
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