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'06 OH TE/LB Jerome Jones (Toledo verbal)



Jerome Jones
Height: 6'7
Weight: 225
Forty: Not Listed
School: Ursuline HS, Youngstown Ohio
List: tOSU

Jerome was a first team Steel Valley All Star selection as a LB.
A unique athlete who stands out at linebacker despite his big size (6-7). He could wind up at DE in college but may also wind up as a tight end.
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Dan Rheardon:
"And J.J. is about 6-7, 210 and he can really run. He’s also a basketball player, and I’ll be honest -- I was a little nervous about that, but he’s a football player. He’s been extremely competitive and he’s doing everything that we needed him to do. He’s doing a great job."
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Jerome is a nice, long athlete with great potential. He has good awareness for a LB, but he has the frame to add some weight and become a solid DE at the next level. He has very good hands, especially for a big man (he is every bit of 6'7) which is why I won't be surprised to see him stay at LB. He gives QBs a lot of problems with screen passes and he has the speed to take INTs back for scores. On the field, he reminds me a lot of Shawn Crable in HS. Crable was a DE at Massillon, but both of them are absolutely huge and very good. Ursuline has a great coaching staff so I fully expect Jones to have a great senior season. I would not be surprised if the Buckeyes offered.
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Well, let's get on this kid. We seem to have some good options at TE right now with Reuland, Cumberland, Jake Ballard and now Jerome Jones. Maybe some other guys too once we start to really get into the process and the season starts next year, but these are some pretty nice weapons if you ask me.
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Ohio High Top 100 Countdown: 31-50
By Bucknuts.com Staff
Date: May 18, 2005

Moving on with our Ohio High top 100 countdown, we reveal players 31-50 on Duane Long's list of top 100 Ohio prospects. This year's class is deep in talent, with some of these players ranked 31-50 already have multiple scholarship offers from quality programs. Click the link to take a look at part two in this series
Jones is considered the #34 prospect in Ohio. For a kid his size, he is very coordinated and could be a rising star in Ohio this year.
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Youngstown Ursuline at Perry was next on the docket. Youngstown Ursuline is a perennial playoff team and 2005 should be no exception. Ursuline is coached by former Warren assistant Dan Reardon and his team was impressive.

Led by Joe Underwood and Jerome James, both ranked among the best in the state by Ohio High magazine, Ursuline's defense was stifling. These two players were all over field as was junior linebacker Matt Yarb. Yarb, 6-1, 220 pounds, drew the praise of Reardon.

"He's a great player and he's going to get better," said Reardon. "He's a lot faster than people think. He made over 100 tackles as a sophomore. He'll be a Division I player some day, no question."

Ursuline sophomore tight end Justin Brown had a great day as well. Brown, 6-2, 230 pounds, made the best catch I saw all day and also played well at linebacker. Brown has a chance to be a great player.

A pic of Jerome Jones at the scrimmage............:eek:
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Rivals $


From OhioVarsity.com...Jerome committed to Toledo.

I for one think he is going to be a fine football player at Toledo. You can't take 'em all, but I think he could have been a Buckeye-caliber recruit if his grades had been in better order. Good luck to Jerome!
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