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'06 OH QB Miles Schlichter (Ashland signee)


Miles Schlichter


Insiders -premium

He went to Pitt camp and was interviewed there by the Pitt Insiders site.

He said he is not a "lock" for tOSU- he pointed to how long Zwick has left at tOSU. He also said that LSU is after him hard.
I don't buy his reasoning-Zwick would be a senior by the time he arrived on campus-he could RS and not have Zwick to worry about. He was just trying to sound nice for the other schools. LSU is going to sign Perilloux this year, anyway.
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OK, that does it...now I have to start a '06 database.

I'm not worried about what most juniors-to-be think right now, because that's what they are, juniors-to-be...they have two more seasons to play and have 18 months until their NLOID.
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Duane Long on Schlichter

nice article from Duane the other day

a few tidbits
* he went to tOSU, Pitt and LSU camps
* he felt he didn't perform up to capabilities at tOSU camp
* he is leaning to a late decision and taking all his visits next recruiting season
* Miles is good friends with Ryan Williams (who also lived in Washington Ct. House). He stayed with Ryan when they visited C-bus.
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Miles was just interviewed by Bill Conley on 610 AM. He sounds like a sharp young guy.

His team, Miami Trace is now 4-0 after beating Westerville Central this weekend.

He was 10-16 for 185 yds passing w/1 TD. He now has about 600yds passing for the season.

Miles told Conley that he receives 6-7 recruiting letters a day.
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I talked to his sister (she works for 10TV, and told me a lot about Ryan Miller and Dom ) at Gary's Place in Westerville after the Toby Keith concert and after his game. The way she talked was that he wants to go Ohio State.
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another good game- Miami Trace is 9-0

Miles Schlichter, the league’s leading quarterback, had another fine game for the Panthers. Schlichter completed 12 of 18 passes for 184 yards and three touchdowns with no interceptions.

Schlichter has now completed 76 of 126 passes for 1,443 yards and 16 touchdowns. He has been picked off just three times all year and has a completion percentage of 60.3.

In addition, the junior quarterback carried eight times for 103 yards and a 14-yard touchdown run. Schlichter now has 456 yards rushing on 88
carries and three touchdowns.
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I guess I phrased this wrong...

I read:

Schlichter has now
completed 85 of 141 passes for 1,649 yards and 18 touchdowns. He has thrown only three interceptions on the year and has a completion percentage of 60.3

and other stats, I guess what I was asking is what kind of competition is he playing against to get these numbers...

I don't even come close to pretenting to be a "recruiting expert." I will ask dumb questions at times, trying to learn about some kids I don't know about. Sorry if I offended anyone.
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