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'06 OH PF/SF Richard Semrau (Illinois Verbal)


Never Forget 31-0


Lutheran West High School (Rocky River, OH)
Ht: 6-9
Wt: 210

Semrau is rated the No. 9 power forward and No. 28 player overall in the by Rivals.com. Very athletic and runs the floor well. Excels on the offensive side.

Kentucky, Wake Forest, Illinois, Florida, North Carolina and Georgia Tech
are the schools he is listing. With Kentucky being the leader. tOSU has offered.
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From Rivals.com...Richard has been bitten by the injury bug this year. Sprained knee, sprained ankle, etc. He is shooting 64% from the field and 79% from the charity stripe. He has been visited by coaches from Wake, UNC, Illinois, and Florida. Florida, Illinois and Wake Forest have offered...UNC and Kentucky have not.
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From the Kentucky site...Richard is averaging 23 points and 14 rebounds per game, shooting 63%. He has narrowed things down to a top 5, and OSU did not make the cut. His top 5 schools are Wake Forest, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois, and Florida.
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I would have to think this is due to tOSU waiting a little too long to get involved in recruiting him. As I recall, he wasn't getting much attention from tOSU until some time during his junior season. Looks like he has a pretty high profile list, best of luck to him wherever he goes.
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flybuckeye said:
I don't think he has ever had OSU on his list. He has said in the past that he doesn't want to play at a "football" school. UK has been around the top for a while.
True...UK has been at the top of list for some time, although they have not offered and Wake, Florida and Illinois have. UNC has not offered either.
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From the Florida site...Richard is sticking with a top 5 of Wake Forest, North Carolina, Kentucky, Illinois and Florida. Strong basketball and academic programs are Richard's priority. Illinois has been recruiting him the hardest.
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