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'06 OH OL/DT Aaron Brown (Virginia Tech Signee)


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wadc45 said:
H&G -

You are right...I give his father credit. But I think our depth chart is also going to be a bonus considering we only took 2 OL this year.

And to clarify what brutus said...Kurelic never actually says he expects Brown to verbal this weekend.

word out of the Cincinnati prep scene says that Brown WILL verball during Junior day...

take it for what its worth, but the scamps around here ususally are 'in the know'.
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BP Recruiting Team
So I have heard...I was merely trying to clarify an earlier post...

Kurelic's exact words about this weekend were "You can never tell about commitments. It is always possible."
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Capo Regime
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According to Aaron's father, the official offers are now rolling in:
"Ohio State offered Aaron," George Brown said of his son. "He has offers from Maryland, Indiana, Boston College, Ohio State, Cincinnati, and Wisconsin should be offering on Thursday. I should know about Wisconsin and Florida (Thursday).
Aaron is receiving a number of phone calls but tOSU is the definite leader. He has been to Ohio State's camp the last three years and will be in Columbus this weekend. Although, there is not a definite timetable, his father says they will have a decision finalized by the end of summer.
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This one doesn't look like any big secret. Can't wait to start the new class off.

(If Wells would do the same thing I could chalk this class up as a success and sit back and wait for the proverbial weak finish.) :)
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Oh8ch said:
(If Wells would do the same thing I could chalk this class up as a success and sit back and wait for the proverbial weak finish.)

Hey, If we can bring in Wells, Rose, some OL (Paler, Boren, Smith, Brown, Faulkner, Browning... etc), Small, Reuland, some LB (Homan, Gibson, Sims... etc.)... I could care less if the staff finishes weak.
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everyone is talking about this guy as an tackle, but in the database they have him listed as a DE/DT. Anyone know how he looks at those positions?

Note about if he were to become a DT: He's big, and strong. Sounds an awful lot like a pretty good guy who used to play here by the name of Tim Anderson...
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Looks positive for Aaron Brown


Aaron told Coach Tressel that tOSU was the team to beat. According to Aaron's father, Aaron loves tOSU and their isnt a close second at this point, but does say that he doesn't think Aaron will make a decision right away.

Aaron has offers from Ohio State, Purdue, Florida, Maryland, Indiana, Boston College, and Cincinnati.
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ohiobuck94 said:
No close 2nd to tOSU

Aaron said that OSU is his favorite and it's up to OSU to lose him and Tressel said they aren't going to do that.

Chris Wells stayed and talked to them after he committed to Ohio State.

Aaron's dad said that coach Tressel knows Aaron loves Ohio State. There isn't a close 2nd right now.
That's about as close to a verbal as you can get without verbaling. That's even closer than an "undecided" kid from Glenville!
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