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'06 OH DE Kallen Wade (Notre Dame signee)

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crazybuckfan40 said:
I wouldnt be suprised to see him get an offer after camp. We know how are coaches love speed and he seems to have it. If we would get him and Rose that would be another great de class to follow last years.
I don't think the kid will go to any camps if he has offers on the table already. What else would he have show.
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I'm sure we wish Kallen well in his future with ND. Like LordJeffBuck said at the top of this thread -- probably needs added weight to be a true DE. No-one should be at all surprised to see Weis put the red-shirt on Wade and feed him a steady regimen to add weight and put him through Strength and Conditioning.

That said, Lemming's tout of the 220-lb 6-5 junior as "may be the No. 2 overall prospect in Ohio" after Aaron Brown and likely national Top 100 player seems inflated. For instance, on the rivals pre-evaluation top 100 '06 prospects list Wade's name is absent, while Brown's is present. Furthermore, there are several other DE's on the linked top 100, so there is some competition even if we are just talking about top DE prospects nationally.
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Congrats to the kid

It sounds like he is excited - and why shouldn't he be?

1. Say what you want, but ND is one of the top academic schools in the country. An undergrad degree from ND in just about anything will get your foot in the door.

2. Even if he was looking at OSU, OSU hadn't offered...they might not have ever. ND, with their new attitude came calling (Kinda like Matta??) Weiss is getting kids, and he stands a good shot at returning ND to almost past glory.

3. He doesn't have to go to Michigan!
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Never Forget 31-0

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By Bucknuts.com Staff
Date: May 21, 2005

We move on today with our countdown of the Ohio High top 100 with players 11-20. On this portion of the list, we find a quarterback on the rise, a couple of the state's top overall athletes, and we start to get into the great offensive line prospects everyone is talking so much about. Click the link to read.
Wade is listed as the #18 prospect in Ohio.
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