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'06 NJ S/QB Antwine Perez (USC signee; transfer to Maryland)


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Antwine Perez
Safety/Dual-threat QB
Camden (NJ)
Woodrow Wilson

Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 197 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.53 seconds

Presently has offers from Rutgers, Ohio State, Maryland, UVA and "a few others." Interested in Tennessee, UVA, NC State, USC, Virginia Tech, Michigan and Ohio State. Cousin of current Tennessee DE Turk McBride. Favors the Vols early, and also likes Rutgers, but would like to leave NJ.

2004 Passing: 103 of 198 for 1,763 yds and 15 td's
2004 Rushing: 52 rushes for 373 yds and 11 td's
2004 Defensive: 56 tackles and 4 interceptions

Rivals Premium

Just offered by NCSU as a QB and is expecting an offer from Michigan soon.
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Do you know what tOSU is recruiting him as? I just would find it interesting to see tOSU offer a QB other than the main guys we fans have known about for a while now, ie. Hartline, Tebow, Hakes, Schlicter, Kirbus... etc. Unless these guys have offers as well... I'm not sure.

Anyways, though, he seems like a tremendous athlete. I mean 4 picks, 50+ tackles and to be able to have the stamina to stay on the field to throw for over 1700 yards and rush for over 300! I would hate to see the Vols get another good one, lets hope Hazell works his NJ magic this year!!
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He does not mention what position OSU is recruiting him at.


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All-South Jersey Defense <!-- begin body-content -->FIRST TEAM
Pos. Player School Ht. Wt. Year

L Jeff Clement Deptford 6-3 232 Sr.

L Seif Hathaway Atlantic City 6-3 220 Sr.

L Alex Silvestro Paulsboro 6-3 215 Soph.

L Carmen Maglio Gloucester Cath. 6-1 235 Sr.

LB Tony Bates Hammonton 6-0 210 Sr.

LB Ryan D'Imperio Washington Twp.6-1 230 Jr.

LB Corey Smith Salem 6-1 215 Sr.

B Luke Bonus Shawnee 5-10 183 Sr.

B DaJuane Collins Deptford 5-11 190 Sr.

B Chris Cowan Cherokee 5-10 160 Jr.

B Anthony Scirrotto West Deptford 6-1 190 Sr.

P Merf Trout Gloucester Cath. 6-0 185 Sr.

Pos. Player School Ht. Wt. Year

L Charles Alston Camden Cath. 6-3 230 Sr.

L Paul Cynewski Moorestown 6-4 235 Sr.

L Jeremy Tarpley Paulsboro 6-4 215 Sr.

L Brett Zambetti Hammonton 5-10 210 Jr.

LB Tom Gartlan Shawnee 6-1 214 Sr.

LB Zac Dayton Haddon Twp. 6-2 220 Sr.

LB Joe Spahn Florence 5-11 200 Jr.

B Jim Achey Shawnee 6-2 167 Sr.

B John Clements St. Joseph 5-11 170 Sr.

B Antwine Perez Woodrow Wilson 6-2 205 Jr.

B Doug Billingsley Burlington Twp. 5-11 185 Sr.

P Kevin Dybalski Shawnee 6-3 248 Sr.

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Michigan, Ohio State, NC State, Virginia Tech, Tennessee and Southern Cal, have offered Perez. His coach Mike Mcbride(relation to Turk?) says that everyone who sees his film offers. Perez will attend the NIKE Camp at Penn State on April 30 and the first annual Rivals Blue Chip Combine at Rutgers University on May 2.
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From the USC site...Perez has offers from Michigan, Tennessee, NC State, Virginia Tech and Ohio State, among many others. His early top 3 is NC State, Tennessee and USC. He is already qualified so he ios considering graduating early.
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From Rivals100.com...Antwine and teammate Andrey Baskin will be among the prospects at the annual Rivals.com New Jersey Junior Day. The event will feature such things as guest speakers such as Greg Toal, head coach of Don Boscoe Prep, Giants DE De Osi Umenyiora, and 2005 Rutgers signee David McClain, as well as information for prospective recruits in the New England area.
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From Rivals.com...these are four highlight films of Perez, totaling 18 plays at QB and 9 plays at DB. If he shows some more interest in OSU, we will include them in the next update of the Film Study 101 blog.
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