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'06 MI OL Garrett Whaley (Northwood U. Verbal)


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Garrett Whaley
Offensive guard / Offensive tackle
Pinconning, Michigan
Height: 6-foot-4
Weight: 290 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.4 seconds
Bench max: 320 pounds

Garrett has started at OT since his sophomore season, and started at DT as a junior. He also is a top wrestler in the state of Michigan.

Garrett has early interest in Ohio State, Michigan, Notre Dame, Louisville, Colorado, Alabama, and Duke (no offers), with Notre Dame and Louisville having already received unofficial visits. He plans to attend the Ohio State Nike camp this spring.

Bill Kurelic on Garrett Whaley (11/15/2004)
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From the Michigan site...Garrett visited Michigan State last weekend. He and his family will visit Michigan this weekend. He has also visited ND. His bench press is up to 340 pounds and his squat is at 405.
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Whaley will visit tOSU on friday. He has offers, but does not wish to disclose them at this time.
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Rivals has posted 4 videos of Garrett in action.

Film breakdown: IMO, Garrett looked like a man amongst boys. He physically dominated people on his film and was quicker than I anticipated. However, he definitely needs to work on his pad level, burst, and pass blocking. The goldmine of Ohio talent is bad news for OOS prospects this year.
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