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'06 KY C Albert Jackson (Georgia Commit)

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Never Forget 31-0


Hopkins County Central (Earlington, KY)

Ht: 6-10
Wt: 240
PPG: 14
RPG: 11
BPG: 8

Top rated center in the state of Kentucky. A three star prospect who has seen his stock rise in the past year. A very good rebounder and shot blocker. Has a good mid range jumper with a high release. Needs to improve his overall offensive game.

He has offers from Tennesee, Xavier (official visit) and Western Kentucky. He is listing Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Arizona, Georgia Tech, Michigan State, Ohio State, Vanderbilt and Wake Forest.
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  • Kenny Johnson's offensive game wasn't great either but that shot blocking ability is a game changer if he can do it on the next level. Also a big man like that underneath would give Dials a lot of help.
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    Never Forget 31-0


    Jackson averaged 14 points, 9 rebounds, and over 7 blocks per game this season. Illinois is showing great interest. Albert is a raw prospect but is an honor student and fully qualified. His coach thinks his best basketball is in front of him.

    Jackson's listing Illinois, Kentucky, Ohio State, Xavier, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan State, Purdue, Tennessee and Western Kentucky.
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    From the Kentucky site...despite his committment to Georgia, Tubby Smith visited Albert at school recently and now Albert will officially visit UK. He ahs been up front with the UGA coaches about his interest in Kentucky but says that he is still committed to Georgia. Albert is 6;10 245 lbs. and not even 17 years old yet. At a recent football combine, he ran a 4.82 40-yard dash. He also broke the Kentucky state shot blocking record last year.
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