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'06 IN PF/C Luke Harangody (Notre Dame Verbal)


Never Forget 31-0


Andrean High School (Merriville, IN)
Wt: 6-7
Ht: 250

Big, strong kid who works his magic around the basket. Limited to the interior right now, he's a load inside. Has the body to bang as a freshman. tOSU has offered with Purdue, Northwestern.


He is being courted by Ohio State, Valparaiso, Notre Dame, Illinois, Northwestern and Purdue.
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Rivals $


From the Purdue site...Harangody finished the season averaging 23.5 points (ninth in the state in scoring) and 12.3 rebounds (tied for third). He is listing Purdue, Ohio State, Notre Dame, Illinois and Northwestern.
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it does not appear that we have offered at this point. one thing I read that I liked about Harangody is that he has drawn comparisons to Wisconsin's Mike Wilkinson...
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&A With Luke Harangody
By Bucknuts.com Staff
Date: Apr 6, 2005

Luke Harangody of Merrillville, Indiana (Andrean HS) ranks as one of the top big men in the Midwest. Harangody has his eye on OSU, and Kyle Lamb had a chance to talk with him recently to find out more about his interest level in the Buckeyes.
Luke expresses a desire to stay close to home, he will be playing AAU ball and has been working on his strength. A major factor for him will be if he is comfortable at a school. Ohio State will be visiting his school in the near future. Ohio State is recruiting him as a power forward. Luke really likes Matta and the university.

He is considering Ohio State, Purdue, Northwestern, Notre Dame.
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I think if we offer we have a real shot at Luke. My only problem is that we are already bringing in Bell at the four...I would love to get a true center in the late signing period.
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I feel the same way Wadc...but the problem is their are not that many quality big men that Matta and Co are willing to sign in the late period.

I believe Luke is going to be a big time prospect when the summer is over, I am not concerned about what position he is projected at, just get him on the floor.
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