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'06 IL WR Carl Fisher (Northwestern signee)


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Carl Fisher
Wide Receiver
Bolingbrook, Illinois
Height: 6-foot-0
Weight: 180 pounds
40-time: 4.38

Carl is Scout's #3 prospect in the state of Illinois for the class of 2006. He is (or will be) a four-year varsity starter. Carl has early interest in Ohio State, Michigan, Northwestern, Iowa, and Florida, and claims an early offer from Utah.

Scout's Top 2006 Illinois Prospects (1/23/2005)
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Fisher has been offered by Utah, they offered after his sophmore year. Northwestern, Illinois, Purdue, USC, Iowa, Florida, Michigan and tOSU are his favorites.

Northwestern might have the inside track, he wants to go to medical school. He has a 4.0 gpa and a 19 on the ACT.

He is not sure where he will be camping this summer.
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Sounds like an excellent prospect but a 4.0 with ONLY a 19 ACT? Sounds a little fishy. That GPA must be inflated because I have a 4.0 and a 31 and every person I know with a 4.0 has at least a 26 or better. But anyways I love the speed. I would like a little more height but work with what you have!
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Fisher likes Michigan, Iowa and Northwestern, He has an offers from Utah and Iowa State, but is not really considering them. Apparently, Urban Meyer has told Carl that he needs to see the situation at Florida before he offers.

Fisher grew up a Michigan fan and hasn't received a lot of interest from them, but they are in his top three.
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<TABLE cellSpacing=1 cellPadding=0 width="98%" align=center border=0><TBODY><TR><TD vAlign=top>Big XII offer for top Midwest wide-out
By Chris Pool Midwest Recruiting Analyst
Date: Mar 31, 2005

Bolingrook, Ill., High School’s Carl Fisher is a speedy wide receiver that received his first scholarship as a sophomore from the University of Utah. Several schools have been in contact with Fisher and he talks recruiting with Scout.com
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Carl Fisher could be the top prospect in the Land of Lincoln in 2005. He joins Demetrius Jones, Chris James and Jamie Cumbie as potential #1 prospects in the Land of Lincoln.

Iowa State has offered me a scholarship,” Carl Fisher said. “I haven’t heard anything from Utah since Coach (Urban) Meyer left for Florida.

“But I guess the good part of that is that I do get regular mail from Florida. My favorites are Michigan, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Iowa, Ohio State, Illinois and Texas.

“This summer I’ll be going to Northwestern for a one day camp. Other than that, my plans are up in the air.”

Fisher will be a four-year varsity starter for the Raiders in 2005. This past season, Carl had 500 yards receiving and 10 touchdowns on a predominantly running team.

What I like about Fisher is that he’s a deep threat and also a threat to take it the distance every time he touches the ball. Carl is very quick in and out of his cuts and he just has that simple ability that can’t be taught.

Fisher is registered and will be competing in the Scout.com regional combine in Champaign, Illinois on April 23rd.

Extra Point - While the University of Iowa has had the most luck recruiting prospects from Bolingbrook, they’ll be getting some competition from Iowa State. Bolingbrook coach John Ivlow was coached at Colorado State by Cyclones running backs coach Todd Fitch. Fisher is big into academics and if Northwestern would offer a scholarship, they would be tough to beat.
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Looks like right now the Bucks aren't pursuing Fisher so heavily. Which makes me wonder what kind of WR numbers they're looking to bring in with this class.

I know right now Lyons & Hornsby (S?) are perhaps the only 2 big names on the board that I know about. It'll be interesting to see if Fisher chooses Northwestern if some of the bigger schools offer throughout his senior season.
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I don't think we have offered too many true WR prospects at this point. Devin Parrish has an offer. Stefan Welsh and David Lighty have offers, but they both are probably going the basketball route. Dorin Dickerson may be a WR in college, but I think he probably ends up at OLB at either Pitt or Michigan.

I still would love to see us offer either Markeith Summers or David Ausberry.
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