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'06 Glenville WR Daven Jones (Milford Academy/Wisconsin signee)



Daven Jones
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 175
Favorites: tOSU, Michigan, USC, Wisconsin (offer)

Cleveland Plain Dealer:
Glenville won its second consecutive Division I state championship earlier this month with an all-division record 80 points. It was the second consecutive season the Tarblooders would have won the national high school championship had team scores been kept.

"It was a real show," Glenville coach Ted Ginn Sr. said. "You kind of hate to see the seniors go. I'm proud of all of them."

Ginn Jr. was joined by Freddie Lenix, Stephon Fuqua and Daven Jones on the 4x100 relay team that won in a time of 40.51.
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Committed to Wisconsin:


UW FOOTBALL: Ohio delivers again; Randle El suspended
00:00 am 3/08/05

Tom Mulhern Wisconsin State Journal

Coach Barry Alvarez said on signing day that he wanted to concentrate the University of Wisconsin football team's recruiting efforts in areas where UW has had the most success, such as in Ohio.

That decision appears to be paying dividends with an oral commitment from wide receiver Daven Jones, from Glenville High School in Cleveland.

That's the high school that produced wide receiver Ted Ginn Jr., who made a big splash as a freshman this past season at Ohio State. It's also where former UW receiver Chris Chambers started, before transferring to Bedford, Ohio.

Jones (6-foot-1, 190 pounds), who also plays cornerback, is a track standout who broke some of Ginn's track records in junior high school. He attended UW's recruiting day for juniors on Saturday.

"He wanted to get it out of the way, so he can concentrate on his school work and not go through all that recruiting process," Glenville football coach Ted Ginn Sr. said of Jones' commitment.

"He's always wanted to go to Wisconsin, because of Chris Chambers, who went here before he went to Bedford. Just trying to keep that Cleveland-Wisconsin thing going."

According to the elder Ginn, Glenville had eight NCAA Division I recruits this year and seven last year. He thinks it could have as many as 10 next season. The Badgers apparently have offered scholarships to three other players: Raymond Fisher and Raymond Small, both wide receiver-cornerbacks, and tight end-defensive end Robert Rose.

Jones, who has been on the varsity since his sophomore year, caught 29 passes for 461 yards and six touchdowns as a junior. He runs the 40-yard dash in 4.4 seconds and was part of the 400-meter relay team that won the Adidas national track and field championships last year.

"He's going to be a great one," Ginn Sr. said. "He's got great speed and size. He's a great kid and he's going to be a great player."

Jones is the second junior to commit to UW's 2006 recruiting class, joining offensive tackle Jake Bscherer, from Sturgeon Bay, who likely will be the top-ranked senior in the state this year.

Getting a commitment this early from Jones could not only help UW in its efforts to land some other Glenville players, but also in the rest of Ohio.

Alvarez said one of the reasons he wanted to focus on Ohio is most of the players the Badgers have signed from there have turned out to be quality players, led by Chambers and former wide receiver Lee Evans, who is also from Bedford.

The key to landing those players has been wide receivers coach Henry Mason, who recruits the state for UW and has a strong relationship with coaches such as Ginn Sr.

Asked if UW had a good shot at landing some other Glenville players, Ginn Sr. said, "No question."

In fact, Ginn Sr. sees no reason why UW can't recruit with anyone, including Ohio State, for the top players in the state.

"Our kids have been successful at Wisconsin, so I think they have the same opportunity (here) as anybody else, to get players," he said.
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Scout $


By Chris Pool...more of the same. Jones wanted to get the decision out of the way so he could buckle down on his academics.

Solid pick-up for Alvarez. Good football player from a great football school. That never hurts.
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Congrats to Wisky. Always like to see Glenville kids get picked up by others when we do not have room for them.

Could anyone with information about Glenville let me know whether they have always pumped out this many DI-A recruits, or whether this was a recent phenomenon? (Glenville sounds like a great idea for a blog)
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It is disappointing that he did not at least wait until after camps, but I would think that if an offer was going to come from OSU then Jones would have delayed his decision....

I am sure there is open dialogue between Coach Ginn and the staff...
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Highstreet said:
It is disappointing that he didinot at least wait until after camps, but I would think that if an offer was going to come from OSU then Jones would have delayed his decision....

I am sure there is open dialogue between Coach Ginn and the staff...
I was thinking the same thing. It wouldn't surprise me if coach Ginn asks JT straight up if one of his players had any chance at an OSU offer. Those two have a pretty close relationship.
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(re-posting the portion of my post that was relevant)

i think it's pretty presumptious to say that if he knew he could get an offer from OSU that he would have waited, Ginn said in that article that he always wanted to go to Wisconsin...........he may have in fact waited if he thought he had a legit shot at an OSU offer, but at the same time, it is entirely possible that some Glenville kids that are OSU caliber may choose to go somewhere else for their own reasons..........OSU may have never been his first choice
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<TABLE cellSpacing=0 cellPadding=6 width="100%" border=0><TBODY><TR><TD class=alt2 style="BORDER-RIGHT: 1px inset; BORDER-TOP: 1px inset; BORDER-LEFT: 1px inset; BORDER-BOTTOM: 1px inset">Ohio High Top 100 Countdown: 21-30
By Bucknuts.com Staff
Date: May 20, 2005

As we continue our countdown of the Ohio High top 100 as ranked by Duane Long, we enter into players 21-30. Here is where we will start to get into this year's crop of fine quarterbacks, and a couple of excellent running backs and defendive backs also are listed here. Click the link to take a look.
Jones is ranked as the #22 player in Ohio this year.
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Jones has failed to pass admissions at UW...

Wisconsin Site


Linebacker Jammar Crane and wide receiver Daven Jones will not be on the University of Wisconsin’s soon-to-be released 2006 football roster, according to a statement released to the media today. Jones, a highly regarded wide receiver prospect out of Cleveland’s Glenville High School, signed a letter of intent to play for the Badgers on Feb. 1, but will not enroll this fall.
“Daven Jones will not be enrolling at Wisconsin this fall,” UW head coach Bret Bielema said in the prepared statement. “I am, however, looking forward to him joining us at some point in the future.”
Several sources have indicated that Jones’s delayed enrollment is due to academic concerns. Badger Nation has not been able to reach Jones for comment today, but he previously reported a 2.8 grade-point average and a 14 on his ACT. He will likely attend a prep school or junior college in order to improve his academic standing.
Jones (6-foot, 190 pounds) was a three-star prospect, according to Scout.com, and the No. 88 overall player in the Midwest. An explosive athlete with good body control, Jones helped Glenville win its fourth consecutive state track and field championship last month. He was one of six projected wide receivers the Badgers signed for the class of 2006.
Jones was the second player to verbally commit to UW for the class of 2006, doing so in March 2005.
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He was going to be part of a 6 WR class? Jebus, if they're going to turn into Texas Tech or Hawaii and use 9 WR's with just a C and a QB then I'm going to kick my TV in, I hate that crap.

Call me crazy but that may actually be somewhat of a blessing in disguise for him, having to fight 5 other guys in your class alone for playing time not to mention the other recruits down the road would be tough to do even if you are good. There are only so many WR's on the field and only one ball, that is nuts IMO.
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