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'06 FL S Donsay Hardeman (prep school; Illinois signee)



Donsay Hardeman
Jacksonville (FL) Raines
Height: 6-foot-2
Weight: 210 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.5 seconds
List: Ohio State, FSU, Florida, Georgia, Alabama, LSU, Nebraska, Miami

-Hardeman is the #11 prospect in Florida according to the Florida top 275

-North Florida is loaded with top prospects this year, with one of the best being 6-foot-2, 207 pound Jacksonville (Fla.) Raines safety Donsay Hardeman. With over 130 tackles and 15 interceptions in the last two years he has proven himself as one to watch for this coming season.

- Hardeman has the size of a linebacker at 6-2 and 210 from his safety position. He had six interceptions and 43 tackles as a junior. He returned two of his interceptions for touchdowns. He enters his senior season tied with Lito Sheppard for career interceptions at Raines.
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From the Florida Gators site...Donsay has been named all Gateway Conference the last two years and was 2nd team All State (3A) this past season. He is looking at camping at Alabama, Florida, LSU and Georgia. He likes the three Florida schools as well as Georgia, Alabama and Ohio State. He is also hearing from Wake Forest, Colorado, Nebraska, Georgia Tech, Indiana and Central Florida.

Although he claims no favorites amongst many right now, I would be shocked to see him leave the South.
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Donsay's favorites are LSU, Miami, Ohio State, Nebraska, Florida, and FSU. He says he may not attend any camps this summer(he is still thinking about it). He does not want to redshirt as he feels he can compete right away. He has step brother who walked on at Florida.
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Scout has a InFocus special on Donsay. He plays all over the field. Both safety spots, linebacker, tight end, wide receiver, punter, and kicker are some of the places he lines up on the field. Great piece...check it out if you have premium access.
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