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'06 FL RB Javarris James (Miami FL Verbal)



Height: 6'1
Weight: 199
Forty: 4.5
School: Immokalee HS
List: tOSU, USC, Miami, Michigan, Oklahoma
- Nicknamed "Baby J"
- Edgerrin James Cousin
- Led his team to state championship

Interview with "Baby J"
JJ: I just took the ACT. I work hard on my grades. My dad does not accept anything less, he would sit me out a game if that is what it took.

SP: That is good to hear. Tell me about some of the schools you are looking at early on.

JJ: All 3 Florida schools, with the coaching change at UF though I will have to see what happens. Miami and Florida State. USC, Ohio State, Michigan, and Oklahoma are a few more. It is early so when they can start contacting I will start to get a better idea.

I am also a tough runner, I am not going to try and run around you. I am most effective in the 4th quarter, like an Eddie George.
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OSU Rob said:
not to be a downer but i doubt he goes anywhere else but miami if offered considering his connection (i think cousin of edgerrin)
Actually I believe he is Edgerrin's brother. And while you may have a point, he has never said anything to indicate he wants to follow in his brother's footsteps, in fact, there are just as many reasons for him to go somewhere else and make his own way, as opposed to following his brother....Peyton and Eli Manning would be a good example...
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The ENTIRE town of Immokalee are Canes fans...it is just the way that it is. Couple that with his brother going there and you would have to think that they are the favorite....I could see this kid as a LB or safety in college as well.
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Rivals Premium


From the main Rivals site...James is a member of Rivals' Pre-Evaluation Top 100. His current offer list includes Miami, Oklahoma, Florida State, Ohio State and Michigan. He is favoring Miami and USC. Oklahoma, Florida, and Michigan round out his top 5.
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He would be soooooooo sweet to get. Give him a Red-Shirt for a year to get some seperation between him and the other backs. However, a move elsewhere seems more likely (Oklahoma, Miami, Florida...). But, it is early.
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Scout $
According to an update on USC's scout site James' coach doesnt exepect him to go to Miami like Edge did. Also he thinks FSU and Fla wont get him for different reasons. He definitly thinks Javarris will go out of state though Oklahoma and USC have the lead on O-State in that respect so far.
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